The Family at McAfee Coliseum (Oakland), July 3, 2006
We all met in Oakland (where Em spent the year) / San Fran for a fun weekend. Of course, we had to see a game, and as a bonus there was a big Independence Day fireworks show. They turned out all the lights in the stadium and played "When the lights...go the citeee..". Very cool!
On the road, New Busch Stadium, September 2, 2006
Mom, Dad, and Em loaded up the car and headed to New Orleans. On the way, of course, we stopped in St. Louis to check out the new Cardinals Ball Park.
No more fried ravioli, but now they have lobster rangoon!!!!
St. Louis August 2006

CUBS Clinch N.L. Central in Cincinnati, Sept 28 - 30, 2007
A big birthday road trip to Cincy to watch the CUBS clinch! Players of the Game: Zambrano, Jones, Soriano.
CUBS in 1st, 2 games up with 3 to play. We win, and people are "dancing in the streets" (yes…otherwise the streets would be empty!), and then we jam into a bar / restaurant with hundreds of other CUBS fans to watch the Brewers lose!!!!! WE'RE #1!!!!
Have a Catch With Dad at Wrigley, June 15, 2008
Mom, Dad, and Em had a great time on a beautiful afternoon (Father's Day!).  Don't tell anyone we secretly made off with some Wrigley dirt and grass, but no ivy (they were VERY CLEAR about not touching the ivy!). Also notice that Em is wearing her "Ernie Banks Day" t-shirt; Ernie Banks Day was August 22, 1982; 5 weeks before Em was born!!!
 Here is the ball we used and some (SHHH!!!) Wrigley grass and dirt!
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West Coast Baseball (and food) Road Trip, June - July, 2008
Went to see 3 of the worst teams (this year), but also got to see Andrew in San Diego! Petco Park (San Diego): lots of cement, no character, pretty good food, OK mascot (Friar), bizarre mascot (Frankenfriar). AT&T Park (San Fran): Beautiful park, wonderful site, great food, lame mascot (Lou Seal), BUT IT IS STILL FREEZING!!!!  Safeco Field (Seattle): Nice park (did not get to see the roof close), great food, great mascot (Mr. Moose).

Petco Park, San Diego
Petco Park, San Diego

ATT Park, San Francisco

Safeco Field, Seatlle

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Chase Field, Phoenix, AZ, September, 2008
Finally got a chance to see a REAL (i.e., NOT Spring Training) game in Arizona! The whole family was able to attend. Instead of a snake, their mascot is a cougar (?) named "D. Baxter" (get it?). They have the cheerleaders, large scoreboard, lots of flash and glitter, but also have the swimming pool in right field!

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Zephyr Field, New Orleans, LA, August, 2009
Em and Dad see the Iowa Cubs blast the NOLA Zephyrs 14 - 0. And it was a combined (5 pitcher) 1-hitter! A fantastic evening highlighted by the traditional 
post-game DQ Blizzard!

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East Coast Baseball (and food) Road Trip, September, 2009
Went to see 2 of the worst teams (this year), and one of the best.

Bank Park (Phily): no character, pretty good food, great mascot (Phanatic).

Citi Field (NYC): Beautiful park, great food, worst mascot (Mr. Met), worst song (“Meet the Mets”).

Park (Pittsburgh): Very nice park, great food, good mascots (Parrot and Pirate), great videos on the scoreboard!

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Check out this license plate! October 11, 2010
Seen at the Chicago Botanic garden, obviously on the car of a die-hard Cub fan and eternal optimist. Ohhhh.....if only we were actually playing now.......

Wrigley Field Tour, September 9, 2011
Believe it or not, after all these years, this was the first time we actually took the full tour of Wrigley Field. Learned a lot of things and got to see many
great sights.

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Cubs Game, August 11, 2012
After being in Africa for 2 years, Em finally gets to go to a game. The first picture really says it all.

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Who Knew?

Cubs logo in the grass at Wrigley - 2014
Cubs logo in the grass at Wrigley - 2014

Great Lakes Baseball (and food) Road Trip, June, 2015
Comerica Park (aka Tiger Stadium) was excellent on the outside (with fierce looking Tigers all around) and had a nice set of statues in center field, but inside it was pretty blah. Food variety was pretty good and plentiful; even had a baseball Ferris wheel (so the game was part of a circus of entertainment).

Progressive Field (Cleveland) has no character outside or inside. What it did have was a fantastic assortment of really excellent food.

Rogers Centre (Toronto) is a big cement building (much like Safeco) from the outside, but a really great place to see a game on the inside. Many excellent food choices too. The dome was open both days we went, so with the CN Tower looming overhead, an exciting team, beautiful weather, and 46,000 fans, it was a great experience. Even the mascots Ace and Junior were good.

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Cubs Post-Season 2016 - The Year They Won It All!
It finally happened!
We were fortunate enough to go to Game 1 of the NLDS.......

....Game 1 of the NLCS....

And ...and the whole family at Game 4 of the WORLD SERIES!

And then a post-season pilgrimage:

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The Agony and the Ecstasy

Southeast Baseball (and food) Road Trip, June, 2017
We followed the Cubs to Miami and DC, then caught an Orioles game in Baltimore.
Marlins Park: On the outside, the park was surprisingly nondescript and characterless, almost sterile. Inside it was loud, colorful, loud, frenetic, and loud. But the Marlins fans were hardly interested in the
game. Of course, because it's Miami, the park has a retractable roof, which was closed during all 3 games.

Nationals Park: Our favorite of the three parks. Nicely laid out, with lots of baseball photos and monuments (including Senators) touches. Unbelievable selection of food (smothered tater tots anyone?), and excellent quality. Great sight lines, and comfy padded seats in the Club section. And of course the Presidents Race!

Oriole Park at Camden Yards: The first of the "retro" parks...hard to believe it is 25 years old. Outside, there is the fan walkway on Eutaw Street by the repurposed warehouse, and the Monuments Park outside
of center field. Otherwise, the other 3 sides are just plain brick.
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September 3, 2017