Variations on Jane Austen



Miss Bates


Now, this may be true or it may not, but anyway some people say it is, so perhaps it is, and it’s this. An unmarried man, well it could be a widower I suppose, it’s so hard to tell these days, or perhaps divorced, although I don’t think that’s what dear Jane had in mind. Well, as I was saying, this man, well not any special man, just a man, except he has to be rich, yes, that’s it, rich,  well-off, you know, comfortable, it depends what you mean by rich, I suppose, anyway, what was I saying? Ah yes, this man is sure to be looking for a wife. Well, when I say sure, that’s what dear Jane says, and she must know, mustn’t she? And when she says wife, I don’t suppose she means somebody else’s wife, do you?