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This part is about the PRC (Peoples Remix Competition). For more information, send an e-mail to

Since PRC131, oktober 2008, I'm responsible for the Peoples Remix Competition (PRC), one of the biggest Video Game Remix Competitions in the world. In this contest, remixers get about 10 days to remix a video game source. Every style is acceptable, as long as it is not a straight MIDI rip.

The contest is organized at Ocremix. The rounds are posted in the Competition Forum, check this link:

The rounds can be found by following one of the following links. (94+)

If you want information about rounds before 94 you can contact me.

Now the contest will be described in more detail:

Annoucement: the contest is changed a bit. I've changed the description. The main changes are as follows:

1. It is no longer necessary to use ThaSauce to submit. Participants are allowed to enter by posting a download link at the Ocremix Topic as well. I’ll upload the songs to ThaSauce myself to have the songs centered at one place (to avoid download problems). It is also not necessary to vote @ThaSauce, it can also be done by sending me a PM. I may consider to use the Ocremix Public Voting Forum:, I’ll test this feature in the upcoming rounds (including PRC338).

2. I’ll try to make sure that deadlines of PRC and MnP are not at the same date. However, a PRC round will always be two weeks. I don’t know how I’m gonna do this, this also depends on the MnP schedule.

3. The winner of round X will not select a source for round X+1 but for round X + 2. So the one who wins this round may pick a source for PRC341 and not PRC340. So the winner of last round (338) selects a source for PRC340. No difference if there’s a tie, both pick a source for round X+2.

The PRC schedule will change as follows:

The winner still may not enter the round if he/she selected the source but the winner is allowed to post a bonus mix (he/she has two weeks more to make a song).

The regular schedule of PRC will be as follows:

- Monday week 1: start of the remixing stage.

- Wednesday week 2: end of the remixing stage, start of the voting stage.

- Monday week 3: end of the voting stage. The winner(s) must send the source for the next round before Monday week 4.

So if PRC X starts at Monday January 2nd, the round ends at Wednesday January 11th. Voting ends Monday January 16th, I need the source before Monday January 23th. PRC X+1 Starts Monday January 16th (or a couple of days earlier if it fits better in my schedule), remixing stage ends Wednesday January 25th, voting ends Monday January 30th and the winner must send the source to me before Monday February 6th. And so on… If it is different I’ll mention it in the post. When extensions are necessary, the winner(s) are given less time to pick a source.


PRC was designed in late 2003 as an alternative to the current mixing competitions available. PRC stressed music development, and has been a training ground for new mixers, as well as a battleground for experienced ones.


PRC is a two-week long, two-stage contest. Once the new PRC has been announced (On the Ocremix Competition Forum, topics starting with PRC), remixers have at least 7 days (in most cases 10 days) to create a remix based on the source material chosen. A PRC season takes approximately one year (26 rounds, 2 weeks each).

A PRC round usually starts as soon as possible after the source has been submitted, but at latest on the first Friday after the last round has ended. A song can be of any style, any quality, any level of mixing expertise, PRC is an equal-opportunity employer. A PRC Round has three stages:

  1. Remixing Stage: The period in which participants can remix the selected source.

  2. Voting Stage: The period in which the winner is decided.

  3. Selection Stage: The period in which the winner selects the source for the next round.

Stage 1: Guidelines: Remixing Stage

- The deadline of most PRC's is on the second Wednesday 10:59 AM ThaSauce Time (18:00 UTC, 19:00 GMT) one week after the round has started. There are some exceptions though, so make sure to check the deadline at OC Remix or ThaSauce;

- Upload your remix to the ThaSauce link placed in the Ocremix thread or submit the song somewhere else and post a download link in the Ocremix Thread. A ThaSauce account is required to submit to ThaSauce. It is allowed to submit more than one song, you are allowed to create multiple ThaSauce accounts since this is necessary to be able to submit more than one song. It is not necessary to use ThaSauce since PRC339. ThaSauce will still be used as a central place, Bundeslang will upload all the songs to ThaSauce;

- You may work together with as many remixers as you like and submit as many songs as you like. In a case of a collaboration only one remixer uploads the song to ThaSauce or somehere else and he/she mentions with who he/she worked together in the song description;

- ThaSauce restrictions require that remixes must be 20 MB or less, in an mp3 format. If you don't use ThaSauce it still must be below 20 MB otherwhise I won't be able to upload them over there;

- The winner of the round before the last round (the person who selected the source) cannot take part, but is encouraged to submit a bonus mix. It is not allowed to vote on Bonus Mixes, they cannot win the round (except when no other songs are submitted). However, there are some exceptions, so make sure to check the OC Remix thread or ThaSauce page;

- Length for length's sake and Midi rips are not allowed, but can be submitted as Bonus Mixes;

- When less than three songs has been submitted before the deadline, an extension will be given to give remixers more time to finish their songs. More information about Extensions is below;

- Do not comment on songs until voting stage has ended (except in your vote of course).

Creating a ThaSauce account to submit

To register to ThaSauce: follow the following steps. As mentioned before it is not necessary to have a ThaSauce account:

  1. Go to

  2. Click 'Register an Account' in the upper right of the screen;

  3. Select whether you are born before or after the given date (to confirm that you are older than 13 years);

  4. Read the terms and click 'I Agree to the terms' (if you agree to them of course, otherwhise use the alternative way to submit);

  5. Fill in the Registration Form (choose a username, fill in your e-mail adres, select a password etc);

    1. You will get a question to confirm that you are not a spambot, possible questions and answers are as follows:

      1. Name a compo: PRC

      2. Who organizes One Hour Compo: Starla

      3. Name a ThaSauce subdomain:

      4. Who created Mega Mans: Capcom

  6. After your registration, a registration mail will be send. If you don't get it, ask for a second activation e-mail (in the login screen) or use the alternative way to submit (check below). If you won't get an answer within a short time, let me know;

  7. Confirm the mail, login, go to and click on the round on top of the list you see. Scroll down, enter a title and description and upload your song.

Alternative Way to submit:

If for some reason ThaSauce is down, or you are not able to sign up and create an account, you can upload the song somewhere else. It is necessary to allow downloads from your song. You can use Soundcloud for example to upload your song or a different host. Post a link to your song in the Ocremix Competition Forum Thread of that round, or by sending a Private Message at OC Remix to me (Bundeslang, click message to send a PM). I'll make sure that your song is in for the round.

Stage 2: Guidelines: Voting

Once the remixing stage is complete, everyone will get a chance to vote. The voting stage will last for 2 days, until the Next Wednesday at 10:59 ThaSauce Time (18:00 UTC, 19:00 GMT) when the regular schedule is followed. Check the OC Remix Thread or ThaSauce page for the exact deadline.

Voting is done via ThaSauce or by sending me a PM. You need to fill in three boxes (or send me the top 3) and motivate your vote as well. There are no voting conditions, but vote on a fair way and base your vote on the submitted song (so don't vote on a remixer because you like other works he/she did for example). If you send a PM, please mention your top 3 cleary, something like this:

1 (remixer A)

2 (remixer B)

3 (remixer C)

Voting takes 5 days. Bundeslang will always vote as soon as possible via ThaSauce.

When only 2 songs are submitted obviously only 2 boxes need to filled in (leave the third box empty) / only a top 2 must be send. When only 1 song is submitted that song wins by default and voting is not necessary.

It is not allowed to vote on Bonus Mixes.

The winner of the round before the last round (the one who selected the source) has a vote that counts twice (or a vote that makes the difference in the situation in which only two songs are submitted). This rule does not apply when that round is a special round (in that case, the double vote will be applied for the round in which the source is used) or when he/she entered the round with a regular entry (which is possible if the winner of the round he/she won was a tie).

Remixers are encouraged to vote. They are not allowed to vote for themselves, but get an additional first place if they vote. If only three songs are submitted, participants only need to fill in the first two boxes (leave the third empty) or send the top 2 by PM, and when only two songs are submitted, participants only need to fill in the first box (leave the others empty). In the last situation, it doesn't matter for the results whether a participant votes or not, but voting is encouraged to give the other song feedback.

While voting, always keep respect for participants. It is encouraged to give critical comments, but respect is important, votes without respecting this rule will be deleted.

If a remixer submits two or more songs he/she is only allowed to vote once, he/she may not vote for any of his/hers own songs. However, both songs will get an additional first place.

When two or more remixers collaborated, both may vote. In that case, the votes will be counted up and divided by 2 (or the number of voting remixers who collaborated together).

Example: Remixer E and F collaborated. Remixer E votes for remixer A, B, C in that order and remixer F votes for remixer D, B, A. In this case remixer A gets (3+1)/2 = 2 points, remixer B gets (2+2)/2 = 2 points, remixer C gets (1+0)/2 = 1/2 point, remixer D gets (3+0)/2 = 1,5 points. Remixer E and F get 3 points for their own song.

Tabulation, deciding the winner

Remixers may not vote for themselves, but will recieve 3 points for voting.

All first place votes are worth 3 points

All second place votes are worth 2 points

All third place votes are worth 1 point

The vote of the previous winner (selector of the source) is counted twice, giving them more say in the results (giving 6, 4 and 2 points).

Results will be posted as soon as possible, but within a day of the end of the voting stage. Note: Results are also public at ThaSauce directly after voting, but are only official after the results are posted in the Ocremix thread. These results can differ from the actual result as this is just the sum of the votes done via ThaSauce, not taking into account voting bonuses and votes send to me by PM. This is important, since I add the bonus points for voting manually. So don't claim victory and send a source before I announced the results at the Ocremix thread.


In the case of a draw for first place, the mixers involved in the draw will all choose one source each, and the next PRC participants are allowed to chose between the sources or remix the sources in one song. Find the exact rules in the Multiple Source Rounds section.

As mentioned before, always check the Ocremix page or ThaSauce page for the correct rules, rules will always be posted in the topic of the latest PRC. Questions about the rules, suggestions or any other stuff can be posted in the thread of the latest PRC, or by sending me a Private Message at OC Remix.

Stage 3: Guidelines: Selection Stage

The winner of the competition will choose the source material for the next PRC. The selected source must be a song that doesn't have already a single source Mix hosted on OCR, or has been the source for a previous PRC. Sources which have non or sources which only have multiple source Mixes (remixes in which two or more different sources are used) are allowed as a source for a PRC round as long as they haven't been used in PRC before, but sources which don't have any OC Remixes are recommended.

A selected source must have a MIDI file (since most remixers need a MIDI to be able to remix a song). If a winner wants to select a source but can't find a MIDI file, he/she still may submit this as a source, but in that case a second source (which has a MIDI file) must be selected.

The source must be submitted by PM at Ocremix to Bundeslang. You can also submit the source by sending me an e-mail it in the stated e-mail adress above, but I prefer a PM at Ocremix.

Winners always get at least two days time to select the source. However, the sooner they submit, the sooner the next round can start (which will more likely result in a good amount of songs).

A list of songs which has been remixed before in PRC can be found below (there's also a download link of that list), so don't select one of these as a source. To check whether a source has been remixed at OC Remix before, go to the Home Page of OC Remix and search for the game in the upper right corner of the screen. To check, click enter: click on the corresponding game and look for the source under 'Songs'. If there isn't a number between brackets, the source may be selected. Otherwise the source is not except when the source only has Multi Source Mixes. You can check that by clicking the name of the source and look under songs arranged. If for all songs more than one songs is viewed in this column the source is fine. Check the example (One-Winged Angel)

One-Winged Angel has 8 OC Remixes (at this moment). 4 of them are Single Source remixes (BadAzz, Black Wing Metamorphosis, Sector 7 Hath Wrought the Angel and The End) so this source will not be allowed for a PRC. The other 4 songs are Multi Source Remixes.


Sometimes, only a few, one, or even none songs are submitted before the deadline. In that case an extension will be applied. Extensions are applied as follows, assuming that a round follows the normal schedule.

When 3 or more songs are submitted before the first deadline: no extension. Otherwise: 2 days extension (normally new deadline is Friday).

When 1 or more songs are submitted before the second deadline (wednesday): no second extension. If still no songs are submitted at all after the extension, a second extension of two days is applied (normally new deadline is Sunday).

When still no songs are submitted, the contest ends without a winner. The source may be remixed again in the next round (or the round after the next when that round is a special round). In addition, a second source is selected for that round by Bundeslang (or Bundeslang allows anyone else to pick a source). The remixer who selected the source which didn't get any love is allowed to participate in that round and remix the source he selected.

Sometimes the extensions might be a bit longer and shorter (if I'm not available to make it exactly two days later), but they are always at least 36 hours.

Multiple Source Rounds

As mentioned before, in the case of a draw for first place, the mixers involved in the draw will all choose one source each, and the next PRC participants are allowed to chose between the sources or remix the sources in one song. Remixing the sources in one song is encouraged. In the past this hardly happened, therefore the rules are changed since PRC314. If a remixer mixes all sources in one songs, he/she gets a first place (three point) bonus. Remixing only one of the sources is enough to enter, but not for the bonus. To get the bonus, all sources must be recognizable in the source. If three sources, or even more, are used, the three point bonus is only given if all sources are used.

In a mutiple source round, the winners of the previous round (i.e. the persons who selected the sources) can take part in the contest by remixing the source selected by the other(s), or mix all sources in one song (they also can get the bonus). In that case, the source selected by the 'other' must be the dominant source. If they don't participate, or remix their own source as a bonus mix, they have a double vote.

Special rounds

Sometimes a special round takes place. The last round of each season (each 26th PRC) is a special round, in most cases a Free Round (meaning that you may remix any source). In some cases an album special takes place, meaning that the winner of a round may get involved in an Ocremix Album Project. If you want to create an album and wants a PRC dedicated to that project, you can request it by sending me a Private Message at OC Remix. Everyone may request a special round, I will decide if and when the Special Round will be done.

If there's a special, the winner of the round before may submit a source for the round after the special (except when the special round is the idea of the winner). The winner of the special round also gets the right to pick a source for a next PRC.

Time Zones

10:59 AM ThaSauce time is the same as 18:00 UTC, 19:00 GMT (7:00 PM). In the Netherlands it is 20:00 (acht uur 's avonds). You can use the following site to compare it with your time zone:

I'll try to always keep this time as the deadline, but especially around daylight savings it goes wrong sometimes. Also there might be rounds with a different ending time if I won't be able to check the sites at the usual time. So always make sure to double check the deadline in that case. At the ThaSauce page you can find how many time there's left. If you think I'm wrong with the deadline setting, please post it in the Ocremix Forum.

Questions about PRC:

As mentioned before, if you have any questions related to PRC, please post them in the most recent Ocremix Thread at the Competition Forum at Ocremix or send a Private Message at OC Remix. II'll visit the Ocremix Forum almost every day and try to respond as fast as possible.

Example PRC round:

On Monday 1 January PRC445 ends. The winner has a week to select a source for PRC447. PRC446 (with a source selected by the winner of PRC444) starts directly.

At 4:00 AM ThaSauce time the ThaSauce for this round (PRC446) thread is up, the deadline is set to Wednesday 10 January 10:59 AM ThaSauce time, voting will end on Monday January 15th).

Only one song is submitted, so an extension of two days occurs. New deadline is Friday January 12th 10:59 AM ThaSauce time (voting now ends at Wednesday January 17th).

Three songs are submitted after the first extension. Voting is done as follows:

Participants fill in:

- Remixer A

- Remixer B

- (empty third box)

Others, including last round winner fill in:

- Remixer A

- Remixer B

- Remixer C

At the end (at January 17th), 5 votes are submitted, these are as follows:

- Remixer A: Remixer B, Remixer C, (empty)

- Remixer C: Remixer B, Remixer A, (empty)

- Bundeslang: Remixer A, Remixer B, Remixer C

- Voter A: Remixer B, Remixer C, Remixer A

- Last rounds winner: Remixer A, Remixer B, Remixer C

Results are as follows:

Remixer A: 3+2+3+1+6 = 15 points

Remixer B: 3+3+2+3+4 = 15 points

Remixer C: 1+3+1+2+2 = 9 points

Remixer A and B win the round and both select their source which must be in before next Sunday (since this round ended two days later as the usual schedule without an extention, winners always get two days to select a source).

Round 447 starts on Monday January 22nd with the source selected by the winner of PRC445.

The winners of this round (446) have 5 days to pick a source (normally this is 7 days but since there was one extension this now was only 5 days) for PRC448. If none or only one source has been send, I send a reminder. If I have only one source before February 5th the round starts with this source. If nobody send a source I send I send another reminder and wait one or two days, if still no source is submitted after that I select a source on my own (most likely by looking at the Ocremix Request Forum). This rarely happens.

People Remix Competition Overview

(Round, Source and winner).

Season 1.

Round 001: DooM 1 - Hiding the Secret (PC): Aluminum

Round 002: Descent - Level 8 (PC): Bladiator.

Round 003: Final Fantasy Legend II - Main Theme (GB): n0mad.

Round 004: Toe, Jam & Earl - Theme (Wii): Blak Omen.

Round 005: Pokemon - Main Theme (GBC) & Diablo - Fortress (PC): Bladiator.

Round 006: Smash Brothers Melee - Menu Theme (GC): Mythril Nazgul.

Round 007: Star Ocean 2 - L'Aqua (PS1): Blueenvy.

Round 008: Seiken Densetsu III - Highlands (Super Famicon): The Orchicalcon.

Round 009: Ultima 8 - The Path of Water (PC): Emperor.

Round 010: Snake Rattle N Roll - High Altitudes (NES): Scott Peoples.

Round 011: Kirby's Block Ball - Main Theme (GB): AreAssasin.

Round 012: Castevania - Simon's Theme (NES): Blak Omen.

Round 013: Final Fantasy Tactics - Battle on the Bridge (PS1): AreAssasin.

Round 014: Advance Wars - Sami's Theme (GBA): Trenthian.

Round 015: Super Mario RPG - Mushroom Kingdom (SNES): Jeremy Robson.

Round 016: Secret of Evermore - Palace of Collosia (SNES): DarkeSword.

Round 017: Sparkster Rocket Knight Adventure - Sparkster's Theme (GEN): Bladiator.

Round 018: Final Fantasy 8 - Assault On Dollet (PS1): The Orchicalcon.

Round 019: Chrono Trigger - Black Omen (SNES): Bladiator.

Round 020: May Payne 2 - End Credits (PC): The Orchicalcon.

Round 021: Descent - Level 6 (PC): S|r Nuts.

Round 022: Final Fantasy 6 - Phantom Train (SNES): The Orchicalcon.

Round 023: Pokemon Gold - Surfing Theme (GBC): Bladiator.

Round 024: Double Dragon 3 - Something or Other (NES): The Orchicalcon.

Round 025: Heretic - Unholy Cathedral (PC): AreAssasin.

Round 026: Anniversary Edition: Mega Man 7 - Shade Man (SNES): Jeremy Robson.

Season 2.

Round 027: Shadowrun - Morgue Theme (SNES): The Orchicalcon.

Round 028: Jazz Jackrabbit - Main Theme (PC): Bladiator.

Round 029: Interstate 76 - Main Theme (PC): Less Ashemed Of Self (LAOS).

Round 030: Secret of Mana - Gaia's Navel (SNES): S|r Nuts.

Round 031: Golden Sun - Sol Sanctum (GBA): RoeTaKa.

Round 032: Lagoon - Castle Theme (SNES): The Orchicalcon.

Round 033: Suicide Express - Main Theme (C64): Analoq.

Round 034: True Love - Main Theme (PC): Hemophiliac.

Round 035: Album Special: Kirby's Adventue - Ending (NES): Bladiator, Gray Lightning, Heopliac (Collaboration). Winnaar verscheen op Kirby OCR Album).

Round 036: Final Fantasy 9 - Theme of the Tantalus (PS1): RoeTaKa.

Round 037: Starfox - Sector X (SNES): The Orchicalcon.

Round 038: Doom 1 - I Sawed the Demon (PC): RoeTaKa.

Round 039: Raptor - Level 2 (PC): Ichitootah.

Round 040: Castlevania Aria of Sorrow - Clocktower (GBA): Emperor.

Round 041: New Ghostbusters - Track 11 (NES): Ichitootah, Nasenmann (Double Winner).

Round 042: Bermuda Syndrom - Jungle (PC) & Golden Sun - Imil (GBA): Ichitootah, The Orchicalcon (Opniew Double winner).

Round 043: Rayman - Skopps Battle (PC): Less Ashamed Of Self.

Round 044: The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang - Boss Theme (SNES): Ichitootah.

Round 045: Kirby 64 - Cave Theme (N64): Bladiator.

Round 046: Sonic 2 - Aquatic Ruins (GEN): Majeliss.

Round 047: Mega Man 4 - Intro 2 (NES): General Slicer.

Round 048: Yoshi's Island - Castle Theme (SNES): Prophecy, Rexy (Double Winner).

Round 049: Crash Twinsanity - Rockslide Rumble (PS2): Opk.

Round 050: Penguin Adventure - River Stage (Arcade): Myhril Nazgul + PriZm.

Round 051: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - Bliff the Doorman (PC): Rexy.

Round 052: Anniversary Edition: Tecmo Super Ball - Defense (NES): Emperor.

Season 3.

Round 053: Donkey Kong Country - Temple Theme (SNES): S|r Nuts.

Round 054: Mega Man Zero 3 - Trail on Powdery Snow (GBA): Ichitootah.

Round 055: Zelda Ocarina of Time - Deku Palace (N64): V_Gasm.

Round 056: Yoshi's Story - Main Theme (N64): Chavous.

Round 057: Fantasy Zone - End Theme (Arcade): Opk.

Round 058: Star Ocean - Ka Mi Ka Ze (Super Famicon): V_Gasm.

Round 059: Barbie Vacation Adventure - Title Music (SNES): Rexy.

Round 060: The Lightforce - In-Game Music (PS1): Blak Omen.

Round 061: Final Fantasy 11 - Venadiel March (PS2): Rexy.

Round 062: Katamari Damaci - Stars (PS2): Chavous.

Round 063: Metal Slug - Judgement (Arcade): RoeTaKa.

Round 064: Rad Gravity - Main Theme (NES): Rexy.

Round 065: Super Dodge Ball - Team Allstars (NES): Andy Jayne.

Round 066: Sonic Chaos - Special Stage 2 (GEN): V_Gasm.

Round 067: Hello Kitty - Flower Shop (NES): Rexy.

Round 068: Animal Crossing - K.K. Condor (GC): Sadorf.

Round 069: Mega Man 6 - Tomahawk (NES): Rexy.

Round 070: Nintendo World Cup - Match Music 5 (NES): Opk.

Round 071: Metal Gear Solid - Zanzibar Theme (NES): Strike911.

Round 072: Mario Kart 64 - Ending Credits (N64): Moseph.

Round 073: Kirby Superstar - Revenge of Metaknight Ending (SNES): Hemophiliac.

Round 074: Live A Live - Wait for Truth (Super Famicon): Andy Jayne.

Round 075: Ages of Wonders - Snowscapes (PC): OverCoat.

Round 076: Decap Attack - Inventory (GEN): S|r Nuts.

Round 077: Bomberman 64 - Green Garden (N64): Opk.

Round 078: Anniversary Edition: Final Fantasy V - The Ancient Library (SNES): Emperor.

Season 4.

Round 079: Bubble Bobble - Title Screen (Arcade): S|r Nuts.

Round 080: Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap - Minish Woods (NES): Dragonlord.

Round 081: Highway Hunter - Road 8 (PC): Bladiator.

Round 082: Everquest - East Freeport (Sony Online Entertainment): Rexy.

Round 083: Sonic Adventure 2 - Ice Paradise (GEN): Hetcenus.

Round 084: Sonic 2 Master System - Scrambled Egg (GEN): S|r Nuts.

Round 085: Little Sampson - Kikira's Theme (NES): Another Soundscape + Kholdstare.

Round 086: Secret of Mana - Dancing Animals (SNES): Rexy.

Round 087: Spyro the Dragon - Opening Theme (PS1): S|r Nuts.

Round 088: Lunar 2 - Field Towards Tomorrow (Sega CD): Rexy.

Round 089: Star Fox 64 - Battle Theme (N64): Villainelle.

Round 090: Déjà Vu - Room Stall (NES): Rexy.

Round 091: Cave Story - Misschievous Robot (PC): Chavous.

Round 092: Teddy Boy - Round Main Theme (SMS): DJ Siamey.

Round 093: Eek the Cat - Zoo (SNES): V_Gasm.

Round 094: Flying Hero - Continue (SNES): Analoq.

Round 095: Rise of the Triad - Stairs (PC): Nutritious.

Round 096: Biometal - Bio O (SNES): FiremanJoe

Round 097: Pokemon - Silph Co. (GBA): Hylian Lemon.

Round 098: Zelda Oracle of Ages - Crescent Island (N64): Tensei-San

Round 099: Silver Surfer - Level BGM1 (NES): Hylian Lemon.

Round 100: Spider-Man X Man - Spider Man's Theme (SNES): Nutritious.

Round 101: Paper Mario - Forever Forest (N64): Chickenwarlord.

Round 102: Firehawk - Mission 3 (PC): TheoConfidor.

Round 103: Mario Kart Super Circuit: Sky Garden (GBA): DZComposer.

Round 104: Anniversary Edition: Chrono Trigger - Robo Gang Johnny (SNES): Alex Smith.

Season 5.

Round 105: Star Fox Command - Amanda's Theme (DS): Nutritious:

Round 106: Base Wars - Game Theme (NES): The Orchicalcon.

Round 107: Descent - Credits (PC): Alex Smith.

Round 108: Lemmings - Opening (NES): Theory of NonExistence.

Round 109: Ducktales - Amazon Theme (NES): OneUp.

Round 110: Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow - Pitch Black Intrusion (DS): Hylian Lemon.

Round 111: Metroid Prime 3 - Corruption Bryyo (Wii): Rexy.

Round 112: Spyro Eternal Night - Fellmuth Music (GBA): Hylian Lemon.

Round 113: Star Tropics - Miacola (NES): Hardbeat Acolyte*.

Round 114: Fire Emblem 1 The Sacred Stones - Main Theme (PC): Rexy.

Round 115: Donkey Country 2 - Donkey Kong Rescued (SNES): S|r Nuts.

Round 116: Mega Man 7 - Cloud Man (SNES): OneUp.

Round 117: Robowarrior - Keep Moving, First Stage (NES): S|r Nuts.

Round 118: Kirby 64 - Pop Star (N64): Rexy.

Round 119. Tales of Symphonica - The Land of Sylvarant (GC): Showroom Dummy.

Round 120: Final Fantasy 6 - The Magic House (SNES): DJ Siamey.

Round 121: Eek the Cat - Flying Saucer, Stage 2 (SNES): Just64helpin.

Round 122: Sonic 3D Blast - Diamond Dust Zone (GEN): Rexy.

Round 123: Super Mario 64 - Main Theme (N64): Hylian Lemon.

Round 124: Golden Sun - Venus Lighthouse (N64): Flexstyle.

Round 125: Rayman - Band Land BGM1 (PC): Rexy

Round 126: Crash Bandicoot 2 - Cortex Strikes Back (PS1): Hardbeat Acolyte*.

Round 127: Fire Emblem 2 - A Knight's Oath (PC): Binweasel.

Round 128: Super Mario Galaxy - To the Gateway (DS): Hylian Lemon.

Round 129: Okami - Cursed Shinshuu Plains (Wii): Hardbeat Acolyte*

Round 130: Anniversary: Final Fantasy 4 - Theme of Love (SNES): Theory of NonExistence

Season 6. Starting with Bundeslang as PRC Leader.

Round 131: The Elder Scrolls Arena - Sneaking (PC): OneUp

Round 132: Darkwing Duck - Fortress (NES): Hylian Lemon

Round 133: Banjo Tooie - Cloud Cuckooland (N64): Txai

Round 134: Pocky & Rocky - The Enchanted Forest (SNES): Analoq

Round 135: Bible Black - Main Theme (SNES): Just64helpin + Hardbeat Acolyte

Round 136: Diddy Kong Racing - Frosty Village (N64): OneUp

Round 137: World Cup - Golden Goal (NES): Thu

Round 138: Journey to Silius - Stage 3 (NES): OneUp

Round 139: Castlevania Portrait of Ruins - Crucifix Held Close (DS): Evktalo + Thu

Round 140: Star Control 2 - Syreen Theme (PC) & Faxanadu - Land of Dwarves (NES): Showroom Dummy

Round 141: Super Mario Galaxy - Stardust Road Theme (Wii): Rexy

Round 142: Mother 3 - Unfounded Revenge: Binweasel

Round 143: Dare to Dream 1/2 - Music Data (PC): Prophecy

Round 144: Assassin Blue - Red's Theme (Online Game): Ghetto Lee Lewis

Round 145: R.C. Pro Am - Title (NES): Prophecy

Round 146: Wolf - Title (Online Game): TheoConfidor

Round 147: Mario Kart 64 - Bowser Castle (N64): Ambient

Round 148: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Xiaoyu's Theme (PC): Binweasel

Round 149: Half Life 2 - Triagle At Dawn (PC): Joystick + Showroom Dummy

Round 150: Duke Nukem 3D - Title (PC) & Leisure Suit Larry 3 - Love Theme (PC): Theo Confidor

Round 151: San Fransisco Rush 2049 - Title Screen (N64): Hardbeat Acolyte

Round 152: Hocus Pocus - Title Screen (PC): Joystick

Round 153: Alex Kid in Miracle World - Title Screen (SMS): NintenJoe64

Round 154: Super Mario RPG - Big Smithy Battle Part 1 (SNES): Hylian Lemon

Round 155: Zelda Phantom Hourglass - Ocean Kings Theme (NDS): Evktalo

Round 156: Anniversary Edition: Free Round: Diotrans

Season 7.

Round 157: Katamary Damacy - Katamari on the Rocks (PS2): OneUp

Round 158: Super Mario RPG - Monstro Town (SNES) & Lifeforce - Stage 2 (NES): Showroom Dummy

Round 159: Mega Man 7 - Intro Stage (SNES): Divinewrath

Round 160: Paladin's Quest - Lennus Battle (SNES): S|r Nuts

Round 161: Flashback - Journal Son (GEN): Txai

Round 162: Black Tiger - Stage 1 (ARC): JerryTerry

Round 163: Sonic The Hedgehog 3 - Sonic Crap Zone (MAS): Just64helpin

Round 164: Mega Man 9 - Shop Theme (Var): Hexen

Round 165: Waverace 64 - Sunset Bay (N64): OneUp

Round 166: Gremlins 2 - The Office Theme (NES): Bundeslang

Round 167: Mega Man X2 - X Hunter Stage 1+2 (SNES): Showroom Dummy

Round 168: Kirby Canvas Curse - Silver Submarine (DS): JerryTerry + OneUp

Round 169: Mario Land - Ending Theme (GB) & Gremlins 2 - Ventilation Shafts (NES): Showroom Dummy

Round 170: Castlevania 2 Belmont's Revenge - Cloud Castle (GB): Binweasel

Round 171: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 - Explorers of Time (DS): Chickenwarlord

Round 172: Animal Crossing: Wild World - Steep Hill (DS): Obtuse

Round 173: Fester's Quest - Overworld Music (NES): Elsalluz

Round 174: Castlevania 64 - Stairway to the Clouds (N64): Evktalo

Round 175: Street Fighter II - M. Bison's Theme (ARC): OneUp

Round 176: Dr. Mario - Fever (NES): JH Sounds

Round 177: Blast Corps - Cromlech Court (N64): Bundeslang

Round 178: Mario Kart Super Circuit - Bowser Castle (GBA): NintenJOe64

Round 179: Mega Man IV - Dr. Wily Castle 1 (GB): Sggod89

Round 180: Killer Instinct - Jago's Theme (SNES): OneUp

Round 181: Duck Tales 2 - Bermuda Triangle Ship: Ichitootah

Round 182: Anniversary Edition: Free Round: JH Sounds + B-Type

* Hardbeat Acolyte first used Setokaibarocket as username.

Season 8.

Round 183: The Secret of Monkey Island - Ghost Ship Shuffle (PC): Showroom Dummy

Round 184: Darkwing Duck - Wolfduck Theme (NES) & Winglancer - Stage 1 (MSX): Marcusg

Round 185: Art of Fighting - Mr. Big's Theme (NES)

Round 186: Teenage Magic Ninja Turtles - Casey Jone's Stage (SEGA): Chickenwarlord

Round 187: Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth - The Truth Isn't Sweet - Tyrell Badd's Theme (DS): OneUp

Round 188: Jaxx Jackrabbit 2 - Laboratory Level (PC): Chickenwarlord

Round 189: Mario Kart Wii - Koopa Cape (Wii): Hylian Lemon

Round 190: Mega Man 10 - Dr. Wily Stage 2 (Wii): Gario

Round 191: Jurrassic Park II - Dark Jungle (SNES): S|r Nuts

Round 192: Batman - Laboratory Ruins (NES): Beckett007

Round 193: Predator - Menu Music (NES): Showroom Dummy

Round 194: TMNT2 - Snow Stage (NES): Toilet Goat

Round 195: Snake's Revenge - Jungle Infiltration (NES): Amphibious

Round 196: Shinobi III - Idaten (GEN): Inrade

Round 197: Ninja Gaiden 3 - Stage 1 (NES): Beckett007

Round 198: James Bond The Duel - Stew Symphony (GEN): SubNormalJ3

Round 199: Deus Ex - UNATCO (PC): Nutritious

Round 200: 200 Special: Sonic The Hedgehog 3 - Ice Cap (GEN): Beckett007

Round 201: Zelda: A Link to the Past - Battle With Ganon (SNES): SubNormalJ3 + Zerothemaster

Round 202: Starfox 2 - Eladard (SNES) & Mega Man Battle Network - Cold And Silent, Ice Man (GBA): OneUp

Round 203: Tyrian - Level Theme (PC): Lidawg + Sggod89

Round 204: Call Of Duty Black Ops - The Zombies Title Screen (Xbox) & Super Hang-On - Winning Run (Mega Drive): Xsquader

Round 205: Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem - Gateway to Destiny (GC): Sggod89

Round 206: Xenogears - Where the Egg of Dream Hatches (PSX): Alex Smith

Round 207: Warlords III - Final Victory (PC): DJ Mokram with song posted in PRC208

Round 208: Anniversary Edition: Free Round: Binweasel + DJ Mokram

Season 9.

Round 209: Soniic The Hedgehog 2 - Underground Zone (SMS) & Bahamut Lagoon - Desert Land Daphira (SNES): Sggod89 & DJ Mokram

Round 210: Faxanadu - Mantra Theme (NES) & Castle of Illusion - Dessert Factory (SMS): DJ Mokram

Round 211: Wonderboy III The Dragon's Trap - Side Crawler's Dance (SMS): Hakstock

Round 212: Digimon World 3 - Badland's Theme (PS1): Sggod89

Round 213: Battlefield 3 - Main Theme (PC): Sir Nuts

Round 214: Castlevania 3 - Stage 7 (NES): Zerothemaster

Round 215: Phoenix Wright - Reminiscence DL6 Case + Police Cell Jailers` Elegy (DS): JerryTerry

Round 216: Monkey Hero - Library (PS1): Chickenwarlord

Round 217: Warcraft II - Ogre 2 (PC): Sggod89

Round 218: Parasite Eve - Missing Perspective (PS1): DJ Mokram

Round 219: Album Special: Gunstar Heroes - Theme of Black (GEN): Sggod89

Round 220: Portal 2 - Reconstructing Science (PC): OneUp

Round 221: The Lost Vikings - Candyland (SNES): Sggod89

Round 222: Mass Effect 3 - Leaving Earth (PC): Sir Nuts

Round 223: Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - Hell Frozen Over (PC): Drum J8

Round 224: Kid Chameleon - Woods (GEN): Sggod89

Round 225: Final Fantasy 13 - Blinded By Light (PS3): Chickenwarlord + FreakyT

Round 226: Battletoads and Double Dragon - Big Blag (SNES) & Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald - Route 120 (GBA): OneUp

Round 227: Little Nemo: The Dream Master - Nemo's House (NES): Hoboka

Round 228: Legend of Dragoon - (major) Boss (PS1): Sggod89

Round 229: Parasite Eve - Wheel of Fortune (PS1): Hoboka

Round 230: Command & Conquer - Mechanical Man (PC): Toilet Goat

Round 231: Shadowgate - Entryway / Main Theme (NES): MindWanderer

Round 232: Tetris Battle Gaiden - Halloween Theme (SNES): 0x25ec

Round 233: Terranigma - Sadness (SNES): Hoboka

Round 234: Anniversary Edition: Free Round: Garpocalypse

Season 10:

Round 235: Super Smash TV - Intro (SNES) & Gleylancer - Stage 1 (GEN): OneUp

Round 236: Supremacy - Title Theme (C64): Sir Nuts

Round 237: Mega Man 7 - Burst Man (SNES): DrumJ8 + FreakyT

Round 238: Sonic Knuckles Chaotix - Speed of Sound (Sega 32X) & Star Ocean 3 - Cutting Edge of Notion (PS2): Sggod89

Round 239: Blaster Master - Level 3 (NES): MindWanderer

Round 240: Pitfall 2 - Theme (Atari 2600): FreakyT

Round 241: Final Fantasy 7 - Seeking Power (PS2): Esperado

Round 242: Mirrors Edge - Still Alive (PC): Sir Nuts

Round 243: Mega Man ZX - Area C (NDS): V___

Round 244: Album Special: Super Mario RPG - Hard Working Moles Are Good Moles (SNES): Esperado

Round 245: Super Mario Kart - Bowser's Castle (SNES): V___

Round 246: Battlefield 1942 - Intro: OneUp

Round 247: Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks - Overworld (DS): Esperado

Round 248: Chrono Cross - Leaving the Body (PS1): Trism

Round 249: Chrono Cross - Lizard Grotto (PS1): Evktalo

Round 250: PRC Classic Round Special: All Previous Sources: Darkbrandflake11

Round 251: Ristar - Crazy Kings (GEN) + UFO Enemy Unknown - Geoscape 2 - Evktalo

Round 252: Donkey Kong Country 2 - Fanfare (SNES) + Star Control 2 - Yehat (PC): Xsquader

Round 253: A Nightmare On Elm Street - Elm Street (NES): Yami

Round 254: Castlevania Symphony of the Night - Crystal Teardrops (PS1): OneUp

Round 255: Spellbound - Main Theme (C64): Trism

Round 256: Dynamite Headdy - Tower of Puppet (GEN): DrumJ8

Round 257: Wrecking Crew - Theme (NES): OneUp

Round 258: Xenophobe - Title (AMIGA): Showroom Dummy and Esperado

Round 259: Batman - Title (GB) + Assassins Creed 2 - Ezio's Family (PC): Trism

Round 260: Anniversary Edition: Completely Free Round: DZ Composer

Season 11:

Round 261: Columns III - Classic Theme (GEN): OneUp

Round 262: Time Twist - Main Theme (FDS) + Flimbo's Quest - Loader (C64): Sir Nuts

Round 263: Final Fantasy Legend - Sky World (GB): Ichitootah

Round 264: Space Station SIlicon Valley - Snow Joke (N64): Showroom Dummy

Round 265: Mega Man Zero X - Area J (NDS): GrapplingHook

Round 266: Super Bomberman 1 - Boss Theme (SNES): Anorax

Round 267: Goof Troop - To the South (SNES): HoboKa

Round 268: Soul Blazer - Lonely Town (SNES): Evktalo

Round 269: Death Rally - Downtown / Newark (PC): Yami

Round 270: Mega Man II - Title Screen (GB): OneUp

Round 271: Mother 3 - Porky Bots Theme (GBA): Cash + Gercr

Round 272: Super Bomberman 5 - Zone 1 (SNES) + Mario Sunshine - Delfino Plaza (Gamecube): Gercr

Round 273: Super Mario World 2 - Flower Garden (SNES): Cash + DimWiddy

Round 274: Super Mario World 2 - Map Theme (SNES) + Rhytm Heaven Fever: Flipper Flop (Wii): Xsquader

Round 275: Castlevania 3 - Aquarius (NES): Trism

Round 276: Psycho Pinball - Psycho (PC): Evktalo

Round 277: 20 Year Anniversary of SF2 Special: Shining Force II - Wandering Warriors (GEN): Gercr

Round 278: Mega Man 4 - Skull Man (NES): Jorito

Round 279: Treasure of Usas - Mohenjo Daro (MSX): Evktalo

Round 280: 20 Year Anniversary of SF2 Special: Shining Force II - Town Theme: Gercr

Round 281: Earthworm Jim 1 - Use Your Head (GEN): Grauw + Sir Nuts

Round 282: Batman - Stage 1 (GB) + Illusion City - Intro (MSX): Jorito

Round 283: Undeadline - Forest (MSX): Supercoolmike

Round 284: Kirby Canvas Curse - Drawcia Sorceress (NDS): Gercr

Round 285: Earthworm Jim 1 - Snot A Problem (GEN): MushroomSword + Supercoolmike

Round 286: Anniversary Edition: Free Round: Esperado

Season 12:

Round 287: Mario + Luigi: Bowser's Inside - Final Boss (NDS) + Castlevania 3 - Big Battle (NES): Zackparrish

Round 288: Final Fantasy 8 - Waltz for the Moon (PS1) + Final Fantasy 8 - Lunatic Pandora (PS1): Hollow

Round 289: Super Mario Galaxy - Melty Molten Galaxy (Wii): Supercoolmike

Round 290: Mega Man Zero 3 - Last Boss (GBA): DjMokram

Round 291: Pop N Twinbee - Stage 3 (SNES): YoshiBlade

Round 292: Zelda Majoras Mask - New Wave Bossa Nova (N64): Mark Sparling

Round 293: Dark Souls (PS3) - Gwyn, Lord of Cinder: Esperado

Round 294: Lemmings / Shadow Of A Beast - A Beast of A Song (PC): Supercoolmike

Round 295: Legend of Legaia - Snowdrift Cave (PS1) + Mario & Luigi Superstar - TeeHee Valley (GBA): Alfredofreak

Round 296: Animal Crossing - 1 AM (GC): Bundeslang

Round 297: Dragonball Super Butouden 3 - Goten vs Trunks (SNES): Supercoolmike

Round 298: Vectorman - Day 7 ~ 14 (GEN): Cash

Round 299: Banjo Tooie - Glitter Gulch Mine (N64): Fxsnowy

Round 300: DooM 1 - Hiding the Secret (PC): Alex Smith

Round 301: Chameleon Twist 2 - Sky Land (N64) + Last Ninja 2 - The Basement Loader (C64): Supercoolmike

Round 302: Twin Cobra - Kyuukyoku Tiger (GEN): DzejPi

Round 303: Sonic The Hedgehog 3 - Endless Mine Zone (GEN): PlanarianHugger

Round 304: Diddy Kong Racing - Treasure Caves (NDS): Gercr

Round 305: Super Mario World 2 - Mini Boss Stage (SNES): Bundeslang

Round 306: Blaster Master - Area 8 (NES): Chalis

Round 307: Golden Sun Dark Dawn (NDS) - Clouds of Passaj: PlanarianHugger

Round 308: Journey to Silius (NES) - Stage 2: Yami

Round 309: Illusion of Gaia (SNES) - Larai Cliff: Supercoolmike

Round 310: Valkyrie Profile (PSX) - Rise Above The World: Chalis

Round 311: Golden Sun (GBA) - Ivan's Theme: Supercoolmike

Round 312: Anniversary Edition: Free Round: OneUp

Season 13:

Round 313: Ikaruga (GC) - First Stage: Trism

Round 314: Special Rules Round: Mega Man 10 (Wii) - Nitro Man + Streets of Rage 2 (GEN) - Dreamer: NinjaPenguinDan

Round 315: F-Zero X (N64) - Dream Chaser: Gercr

Round 316: Zelda Twilight Princess (Wii) - Gerudo Dessert: Kapden

Round 317: De Blob 2 (Wii) - Theme + Pokemon: Gale of Darkness (GC) - Miror B: DzejPi

Round 318: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (GEN) - Mystic Cave 2 Player Music: PlanarianHugger

Round 319: Kirby 64 (N64) - Shiver Star: NinjaPenguinDan

Round 320: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (PS2): Yell "Dead Cell": Bundeslang + Chalis

Round 321: Undertale (Win): Megalovania + Godzilla (NES) - Chidora: NinjaPenguinDan + PlanarianHugger + Supercoolmike

Round 322: Super Bomberman 3 (SNES) - Victory + The Hobbit (Win) - A Walk in the Shire + Gradius 3 (SNES) - Weapon Select: PlanarianHugger

Round 323: Mega Man 7 (SNES) - Freeze Man - NinjaPenguinDan

Round 324: Sonic Unleashed (Wii) - Endless Possibilities: Chalis

Round 325: Golden Sun (GBA) - Saturos Battle: HoboKa

Round 326: Special Round: Anime Themes Free Round: Supercoolmike

Round 327: Soul Blazer - Underground Castle (SNES): Overkillius

Round 328: Touhou - Cinderalla Cage (WIN) + Fire Emblem - Requiem (GBA): Trism

Round 329: Croc: Legend of the Gobbo's - Itsy the Ice Demon (PS1): Thomas Neil

Round 330: Banjo Kazooie - Spiral Mountain (N64): Esperado

Round 331: Legend of Legaia - Junos Funeral (PS1): PlanarianHugger

Round 332: Power Blade - Sixth Sector (NES): Esperado

Round 333: Ultima Exodus - Castle Theme (NES): OneUp

Round 334: Kirby Triple Deluxe - Haunted Mansion (N3DS): PlanarianHugger

Round 335: Castlevania 2 - New Messiah Crystal Castle (GB): Bundeslang

Round 336: Super Mario Land 1 - Ruins Theme: DjMokram

Round 337: Front Mission 3 - Front Line Base (PS1): HoboKa

Round 338: Anniversary Edition: Free Round: Zorrakh

Season 14:

Round 339: Legend of Dragoon - Rose's Theme (PSX) - Popoi

Round 340: Zombies Ate My Neighbors - Evening of the Undead (GEN/SNES): Dewey Newt + GCJ

Round 341: Secret of Mana - The Legend (SNES): GCJ

Round 342: Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Chrome Gadget Zone (GEN): PlanarianHugger

Round 343: Jet Set Radio - Sneakman (SEGA): Dewey Newt

Round 344: Mega Man Battle & Chase - Duel (PS1): GCJ

Round 345: Legend of Zelda - Zora's Domain (Wii): Esperado

Round 346: Sonic Colours - Aquarium Park Act 1 (Wii): PlanarianHugger

Round 347: Might And Magic - Cave 2 Theme (Win): Dewey Newt

Round 348: Kirby Super Star Ultra - Masked Dedede (NDS): Dex

Round 349: Battletoads - Turbo Tunnel Part 2 (SNES): Dex

Round 350: Hearthstone - Pull Up A Chair (PC): OneUp

Round 351: Crystalis - Pyramid Theme (NES): GCJ

Round 352: Warsong - Player Phase 1 (GEN): ??

Round 352: Warsong (GEN) – Player Phase 1: Dex

Round 353: Vagrant Story (PS1) - Reminiscence: GCJ

Round 354: Zelda II (NES) – Battle Stage: PlanarianHugger

Round 355: Sonic CD (SEGA) – Cosmic Eternity: Kat

Round 356: Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch) – Ebb And Flow Tudd: Arcana + Flurry of Flames

Round 357: Burning Rangers (SEGA) – We Are Burning Rangers: Flurry of Flames

Round 358: Pokemon Colosseum (GameCube) – Pyrite Town: Kat

Round 359: Fire Emblem (GBA) - Reminiscence: Shido

Round 360: Ehrgeiz (PS1) – Quest Mode Opening: Dex

Round 361: Mario Bros 2 (NES) – Ending Theme: Starphoenix

Round 362: The 7th Saga (SNES) – Boss Battle: HoboKa

Round 363: Pokemon Trading Card Game (GB) – Normal Battle: FreakyT

Round 364: Anniversary Edition: Free Round: Jorito

Season 15:

Round 365: Actraiser II (SNES) - Ice Palace Deception + Radical Dreamers (SNES) - Portal to Open Grounds: PlanarianHugger

Round 366: Persona 5 (PS3) - Last Surprise: PlanarianHugger

Round 367: Diddy Kong Racing (N64) - Darkmoon Caverns: FreakyT

Round 368: Freedom Planet (WIN) - Jade Creek 2: AxLR

Round 369: Pokemon Ruby (GBA) - Route 119: PlanarianHugger

Round 370: Evil Twin (PS1) - Cyprien's Chroniclels + Ridge Racer 4 (PS1) - Game Menu: PlanarianHugger

Round 371: Sonic The Fighters (Arcade) - Tails Theme: AxLR

Round 372: Spyro (GBA) - Market Mesa: HoboKa

Round 373: Final Fantasy X (PS2) - Thunder Plains 3: Ophanin

Round 374: Bloodborne (PS4) - Living Failures: Necrox

Round 375: Crash Bandicoot 3 (PS1) - Warped: HoboKa + Evktalo

Round 376: Final Fantasy V (SNES) - As I Feel You Feel: HoboKa

Round 377: Silent Hill 2 (PS2) - True: Evktalo

Round 378: Breath of Fire II (SNES) - More Than Words: Starphoenix

Round 379: Outrun (PC) - Splash Wave: ??

Round 380: Legend of Mana (PS1) - To The Sea: Normallyretro

Round 381: Burning Force (ARC) - Grass Land: TheVideoGamer + Dudley Ghost

Round 382: Sonic Heroes (GC) – Mystic Mansion: TheVideoGamer

Round 383: Castlevania Symphony of the Night (PS) – Rainbow Cemetery: KleverKoopa

Round 384: Streets of Rage 3 (SEGA) – Bulldozer: ??

Round 385: Free Round: TheVideoGamer

Season 16:

Round 386: Contra Hard Corps (SEGA) – Zephyr + Snowboard Kids 2 (N64) – Starlight Highway: Blakeingram

Round 387: Mother 3 (GBA) – Magypsy Party + Summer Carnival 92 Recca (SNES) – Jetter: Bundeslang

Round 388: Jet Force Gemini (N64) – S.S. Anubis: PlanarianHugger + YorkshireLakeside

Round 389: Smurfs (NES) – Swamps Theme: TheVideoGamer

Round 390: Super Smash Brothers Brawl (WII) – Flat Zone 2 + Zub (C64) – Subtune 5: PlanariaunHugger

Round 391: Stardust (Amiga) – Boss Theme 4: YorkshireLakeside

Round 392: Sonic 2006 (PS3) – Aquatic Base: TheVideoGamer

Round 393: Asterix & Obelix (SNES) – The Mountains: HoboKa

Round 394: Adventures of Batman And Ronin (SNES) – Psycho Section: HoboKa

Round 395: Phantasy Star 2 (PS2) – Silent Zone: TheVideoGamer

Round 396: Phantasy Star 2 (PS2) – Boss: Dex

Round 397: Truxton (SEGA) – Stage 3 (Hope): TheVideoGamer

Round 398: Secret of Mana (SNES) - Monarch of the Shore: NinjaPenguinDan

Round 399: Mega Turrican (GEN) - Stage 1+2

Round 400: Sonic The Hedgehog Special Round: Trism

Round 401: Parasite Eve (PS1) - Out of Phase: Dex

Round 402: Comix Zone (GEN) - Credits: TheVideoGamer

Season 17:

Round 403: OC Remix Request Special: TheVideoGamer

Round 404: Secret of Mana (SNES) - Eternal Recurrence + Contra Shattered Soldier (PS2) - Super Robot Powered Yokozuna - HoboKa

Round 405: Contra Shattered Soldier (PS2) - Mountain Area: PlanarianHugger

Round 406: Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES) - King K Rool Theme: TheVideoGamer

Round 407: Kirby 64 (N64) - Factory Inspection: DJ Mokram

Round 408: Ridge Racer Revolution (PS1) - Dat Dan Day A: TheVideoGamer

Round 409: Grind Stormer (GEN) - Night Bird: TheVideoGamer

Round 410: McDonald's Treausre Land Adventure (GEN) - Magical Town: DJ Mokram

Round 411: Vatlva (SEGA) - Background Music 13 (Happy Hardcore) - Dex

Round 412: Super Valis IV (SNES) - Vecanti - AxLR

Round 413: Sky Shark (NES) - Title: HoboKa

Round 414: Smash Bros 64 (N64) - Metal Man: TheVideoGamer

Round 415: Donkey Kong 64 (N64) - Creepy Castle: Wassup Thunder

Round 416: Adventure Island 3 (NES) - Boss Theme

Round 417: Mario & Luigi Bowser Inside Story (NDS) - Bumpsy Plains: Souperion

Round 418: Sonic 2006 (PC) - White Acropolis: TheVideoGamer

Round 419: Free Round: TheVodouQueen

Season 18:

Round 420: Terranigma (SNES) - Seaport Theme: Wassup Thunder

Round 421: Rave Racer – Teknopera (Arcade) + Lufia 2 – For The Savior (SNES): TheVodouQueen

Round 422: Undertale – Ruins (PC): Anachromium

Round 423: Bomberman Hero – Redial (N64): TheVideoGamer

Round 424: Turrican II – Freedom (Amiga): Wassup Thunder

Round 425: Zork 1 The Great Underground Empire – Track 8 (PS1): Souperion

Round 426: Mega Man X5 – Mattrex / Burn Dinorex Stage (PS1): TheVideoGamer

Round 427: Panel De Pon – Lip’s Theme (SNES): TheVideoGamer

Round 428: Battle Garegga – Underwater Rampart (Arcade): Wassup Thunder

Round 429: Ape Escape – Coral Cave (PS1): Marcusg

Round 430: Rush ‘N Attack – Stage 1 (NES): Souperion

Round 431: Godzilla – Saturn (NES): Wassup Thunder

Round 432: Golden Sun The Lost Age – Gaia’s Rock (GBA): TheVideoGamer

Round 433: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance – Undefeated Heart (GBA):

Round 434: Scorcher – Suburbs (SEGA Saturn):

Round 435: Final Fantasy X – Seymour Omnis Battle + Challenge (PS2): TheVideoGamer

Round 436: Mystical Ninja Goemon – I Am Impact (N64): Souperion

Round 437: Sonic Unleashed – Dragon Road (Xbox): Wassup Thunder

Round 438: The 18th Anniversary (Free Round): ??

Remember the slogan of CompoThaSauce.

The only way to lose a compo is to not participate.

In het Nederlands is dat:

De enige manier om te verliezen is door niet deel te nemen.

PRC Winners: 438 Editions

23 Wins: OneUp

19 Wins: TheVideoGamer

17 Wins: PlanarianHugger, Rexy, Sir Nuts

15 Wins: HoboKa

11 Wins: Sggod89

10 Wins: Evktalo, Showroom Dummy, Supercoolmike, The Orchicalcon

9 Wins: Esperado

8 Wins: Bladiator, DjMokram, Hylian Lemon

7 Wins: Bundeslang, Dex, Gercr, Ichitootah, Trism, Wassup Thunder

6 Wins: Chickenwarlord, V___

5 Wins: FreakyT, GCJ, NinjaPenguinDan, Setokaibracket (Hartbeat Acolyte)

4 Wins: Alex Smith, Binweasel, Chalis, Emperor, Just64helpin, MindWanderer, Nutritious, Opk, RoeTaKa, Souperion

3 Wins: Analoq, ArseAssassin, AxLR, Beckett007, Blak Omen, Cash, Dewey Newt, DrumJ8, Flurry of Flames, Hemophiliac, JerryTerry, Jorito, Prophecy, TheoConfidor, Xsquader, Yami

2 Wins: Amphibious, Andy Jayne, Blakeingram, Chavous, DJ Siamey, Dudley Ghost, DZ Composer, DzejPi, Grauw, Jeremy Robson, JH Sounds, Joystick, Kat, Less Ashamed of Selfs, Marcusg, Mythril Nazgul, NintenJoe64, Starphoenix,, SubNormal J3, Theory of Nonexistence, TheVodouQueen, Thu, Toilet Goat, Txai, YorkshireLakeside, Zerothemaster

1 Win: 0x25ec, Alfredofreak, Aluminum, Ambient, Anachromoium, Anorax, Another Soundscape, Arcana, Blueenvy, Darkbrandflake11, DarkeSword, DimWiddy, Diotrans, Divinewrath, Dragonlord, Elsalluz, FiremanJoe, Flexstyle, Fxsnowy, Gario, Garpocalypse, General Slicer, Ghetto Lee Lewis, GrapplingHook, Hakstock, Hetcenus, Hexen, Hollow, Inrade, Kapden, Kholdstare, Klevarkoopa, Lidawg, Majeliss, Mark Sparling, Moseph, MushroomSword, n0mad, Nasenmann, Necrox, NormallyRetro, Obtuse, Ophanin, OverCoat, Overkillius, Popoi, PriZm, Sadorf, Scott Peeples, Shido, Strike911, Tensei-San, Thomas Neil, Trenthian, Villainelle, YoshiBlade, Zackparrish, Zorrakh

Peoples Remix Competition (PRC)