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Current High Priority Items are listed here: [UG & Gender, Sunspots & Money]


Introduction to Statistics: Islamic Approach

Probability and Statistics: Islamic Approach

Applied Econometrics

Mini-Course in Macroeconomics & Monetary Policy

PIDE Faculty Courses in Economics and Econometrics -- September 2015

Lectures on Islamic Economics

Ph.D. Macroeconomics at PIDE: Sep 2018 to Jan 2019

  1. Mirror for Modern Princes: Advice for Makers of Monetary Policy -- Summary & Review of Werner

  2. First Fundamental Economic Problem: Feeding of the Poor. PRESENTATION FOR ISHAQ DAR

  3. Islamic Econ Survey Book: Indexing. with Amjad at IRI

  4. Writeup SAGLAM paper on (GE vs. PE) Marshall versus Samuelson. {needs doing}

  5. PIDE research projects.

  6. See IDEAS for half-baked ideas which can be worked up into articles.

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