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New Single-Player Maps

This is an all new single-player experience by Bladeghost that accurately recreates the derelict spacecraft on LV-426. With versions playable for the marine and alien, it contains a high level of detail, includes many areas worth exploring, and will test your skill as both a marine and alien.

This entirely original single-player campaign is a very long level for the predator. Featuring many different environments, level layouts based on platforming, and a challenging assortment of enemies, this may be possibly the most challenging single-player level for the predator yet.

This is a textured version of an untextured, unfinished map that shipped with AvP simply called "base." This has no ending but contains a bright research base with plenty to explore and a dark hive overflowing with aliens. Playable as marine and predator.

This is a version of the Orbital level that takes place in reverse, designed specifically for the alien. You'll have to use darkness and audio clues to get around certain areas.

This is a version of the Area 52 level designed specifically for the marine. Aliens and other nasties have taken over the base, so naturally now it's your job to kill 'em all.