The Battle for Dunster Deer Park

The first shots ring out in West Somerset

The BUF, under the command of Major 'Manly' Mann, are guarding the southern fringe of the village of Dunster, where the ancient Gallox Packhorse Bridge crosses the River Avill from the woods of Dunster Deer Park. They know that a ragtag bunch of brigands have been conducting sweeping raids on Park Street as far as the Foresters Arms at the bottom end of West Street - and they have taken up defensive positions in readiness.

From the early morning mist comes the throaty roar of engines, echoing around the valley...brigands approaching!

The brigands on the left stall on the approach to the bridge, whilst the cavalry crest the rise on the right flank and watch the Brigand Commander, 'Steamy' Bagshott, order his motorbikes and Quads down the road to the ford...

...which they hurtle across in double-quick time:

- and immediately come off the road to follow the line of the river, hoping to flank the BUF at the village edge:

In response, the BUF reserve cavalry, supported by a couple of tankettes, move to engage the flank:

Some of the infantry respond as well and take up a firing position on the top of the hill, facing the threatening Brigands - a sniper & ATR prepare to engage:

Back at the bridge, Major Mann orders the armoured car to block the road:

The Brigands continue their rapid advance, the cavalry sweeping off the hill and following the line of the river as well - supported by a brace of sharpshooters:

Over on the opposite bank, the motorbikes accelerate towards the infantry to their front - but they're stalled by opportunity fire in return:

At the bridge, they continue to press, with motorcyclists heading straight into trouble:

In response, the BUF bring deadly fire to bear - devastating the main Brigand thrust:

The Fascist armoured car makes short work of mowing down the motorbikes:

The Brigands know they are losing the initiative and try to maintain their momentum - they need the supplies in the village! The cavalry sweep across the river and charge headlong into the infantry on the hilltop, ignoring the rounds flying about their ears as they close:

At the bridge the Brigands initially make good ground...but lose comms and confidence at just the wrong moment:

The Brigands make light work of brewing up the BUF armoured car...

...but it's too little, too late as they take more fire -including some deadly accurate mortar shells:

And Bagshott calls the remaining boys off - to head back into the woods to regroup & lick their wounds, ready for another raid...