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Further Disclaimers: I, Tahirih Bushey, am currently a retired Speech Language Pathologist. I continue to keep this website functioning as I am able because I was the original administrator and creator of Autism Games during my years of employment at The Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders Clinic, in Duluth, Minnesota during 2007-2010. The website and associated YouTube Channel appear to be helpful parents and professionals still more than a decade after its creation judging by the number of visits. The technology that allowed this website to be created is becoming quite dated but the information is still useful. Parents who brought their children to the Scottish Rite Clinic generously provided permission to the clinic to publish these videos on the website, Autism Games, for educational purposes in hopes that other parents would be inspired to try these kinds of games with children who are struggling to learn language skills and social interaction skills. Any video on this site will be removed if a parent or a now grown child requests that it be removed. Contact autismgame@gmail.com .