Index of Additional Game Pages

This Index of Autism Games Pages by Topic includes games at multiple ability levels. The Board Games Page, for example, describes a variety of Board Games and how to modify the games for children with ASD. Some of the board games are beginner games and others are for children who understand rather complex board games.

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Maker Activities Social activities that involve making, assembling, creating, and collecting with others

Board Games Tips for teaching board games and recommendations for good board games, including modifications.

Route Games Games where you move from location to location doing something different in each place.

Face Games. Games that encourage looking at the face of another person for information such as what the person is looking at, what the person is feeling, whether a person is nodding yes or no.

Hide and Find Games where you intentionally hide a desired object from the child and then use words or eye-gaze that the child must listen to or watch (and understand) in order to find the hidden object.

Games with No Words Games where there is a wordless interaction, generally for minimally verbal children.

Theater Vocabulary The vocabulary curriculum taught during a Stage Play Acting Class for Children with Autism.

Talking Buttons How to use single voice output buttons which allow a child to speak when that would be too hard.

How Many Learning Objectives? Suggestions on being intentional about teaching new skills but still reasonable.