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What is on this site?

Several Game Collections

The Game Collections are groups of games for example, one collection is a group of games to play with your child while he or she is moving, another is a group of games based on drawing together. The Game Collections are the heart of this site where you will learn about and see demonstrations of different kinds of social play for children with autism. These games are all pre-tested. They have engaged and delighted many, many children with autism as well as parents, siblings and friends. The games are organized by difficulty (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). The Collections are arranged so that you can see how similar games can be made very simple for players who are very new at social play and then gradually made more complex for children who are becoming more adept at social play. In addition, the collections are grouped by where the games are meant to be played, by language learning objectives, and organized into other quirky themes that I use to categorize games as I try to maintain a variety of different kinds of play in my work with children... more

A Selection of Parent Tips

I have included a variety of articles on strategies, concepts, and even toys or tools that I frequently tell parents about in my professional work. For many willing play partners, just watching the game clips is not enough and the game still does not feel natural or work as well as hoped to teach a new skills. it might be that you need some additional information and I hope I have included this kind of additional information in the Parents Tip section.

A List of Learning Objectives

I am a Speech Language Pathologist so I collected or created these games in order to teach children how to communicate better. The children and families who learned these games clearly loved playing them and would often keep playing a game well after their child had achieved the language objective. We have often remodeled games that children like in order to keep in interesting and in order to teach something else with it. The list on this page represents the kinds of goals and objectives that we have had in mind as we played these games with children in our clinic. I thought this information would be of interest, if for no other reason but highlight how many things children with autism can learn while playing. But, feel free to play these games just for the fun of it. Your child will learn just because you are playing together. Your relationship with your child will grow just because you play together. Play does not actually need a reason, anyway.

An Index of all the Game Clips

This index is here so that after you are familiar with the site and how to play the games you can quickly find a video model of a game that you want to show your child and/or so you can review the game demonstrated before you start to play the game. Some video clips are Video Models, meaning we made the clip in order to show kids how the game was played before playing the game. Other clips are Video Examples where you see the game played with children--sometimes children who have autism and sometimes children who do not. These can be used as video models for your child if you think this is appropriate but the main reason we put these on was so parents could see games being played in real life. Most of these clips were edited very little in hopes that you would see how easy it is to make a video model for your child with your video camera (even a cell phone camera) and show your child how to play a game before you start. It is amazing how fast most children learn to play new games after watching a video model of the game!

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