1. The Tower (Vladimir)
    1. Get the bamboo - 48 poles: DONE (?)
    2. Bamboo treatment and straightening (some may still split)
    3. Pole connectors and concatenation
    4. Get the trampolines: 9', 12', 14': DONE
    5. Make a few extra rings out of EMT - find cheap EMT
    6. Rope tunnels or rope ladders. Find used climbing rope (Misha?)
    7. Plywood ground ring: get plywood, cut, laminate, add rebar attachment points
    8. Rebar and guylines: get/make at least 6 30' guylines with pretentioners, cut at least 24 rebar stakes
    9. Lighting - animations?
    10. Misting system - one spray wastes 0.5g/h and needs 40psi, so this may not be even feasible :)
  2. Dome (Alex)
    1. Another tier to the existing dome structure. N struts.
    2. The door struts or just remove one horizontal strut.
    3. The dome cover: Tyvek, Poly, Aluminet etc (all options) with convertible ceiling and side panels. Or Reflectix for the roof portion.
    4. Carpet and rugs on the floor
    5. Internal wall coverings for decorative and insulation purposes (linen, cotton, silk prints etc)
    6. Furniture (armchairs, hammock chairs, ottomans, pillows etc.)
    7. Lighting (EL bands throughout)
    8. Misting system - manual pump?
  3. Evaporation pond/Shower (Misha L?)
    1. Buy tracer tabs: DONE
    2. Decide on the size, get relatively new tarp (Costco 12x16?)
  4. Kitchen/Dining area (Lead???)
    1. Two Costco carports, side-to-side. One is enclosed for the kitchen, the other is open for the dining area.
    2. Two long tables in the kitchen.
    3. Dual-burn propane stove, lamp, cylinder: DONE
    4. Plastic rack with drawers for utensils, dishes and other kitchen stuff.
    5. Two long tables in the dining area.
  5. Entertainment. For the complete description of entertainment proposals see the Panem Et Circenses ("Хлеб и Зрелища") page. Here are the proposals:
    1. Ice cream: LN2 or Dry Ice: Food serving permit needed (Alex)
    2. Glow-in-the-Dark Jell-O (Vladimir)
    3. Nuclear-themed airbrushing (anybody?)
    4. Fluorescent makeup station (Natasha?)
    5. Sunscreen giveaways (a gallon jar + various leftovers)
    6. Uranium marble run (to be dropped, unless somebody already has an electrified marble run toy, Vladimir does have uranium marbles and the blu-ray laser :)) - to be located in the dome
  6. Sound System and lights (Stas)
    1. Generators, batteries, solar panels, wiring, LEDs: UV and regular
  7. Residential quarters
    1. Monkey huts to cover the tents.
    2. PVC 1v dome for a quick shade on arrival (have frame, need to make cover)
  8. Suggested area leads - people that better know who is doing what in their area and where to get stuff
    1. Overall: Alex (weekly meeting!)
    2. Construction: Vladimir, Alex
    3. Food giveaway: Alex, Vladimir
    4. Music/electricals: Stas, Vladimir
    5. Makeup/costumes: Natasha, AlexF
    6. Safety, LNT: MishaT, Alex