Announcing Atom Cult Camp Hackathon on Independence Day weekend!

Given how little time we have left, we are inviting everyone to come to Bay Area over ID holiday to take part in our camp prep.

Even a two hour stint can be very valuable, but staying for days is acceptable as well!

Location: a tiny backyard in Palo Alto [4-5 work areas with shade, including a secluded concrete pad with a hexayurt and tents for overnight guests :)]

When: July 4-7, 7x24 [power tools/noisy hours: 10am-8pm]

Daily menu highlights:

  • Espresso: 7am and on demand thereafter
  • Dry ice ice cream: 1pm
  • Glow in the dark jello shots: 8pm
  • Potluck at all other times

Entertainment options:

  • Airbrushing stuff (all days)
  • Raising the tower (starting July 7 at noon)


  • Bathrooms (2)
  • Kitchen/grill/smoker/espresso machine/icemakers/filtered water :)
  • Lemon and orange trees
  • Internet access/wifi/projector/screen
  • Lots of tools

Things to do:

  • develop activities for the camp, starting point is at https://sites.google.com/site/atomcult/home/panem-et-circenses
    • cooking, painting, makeup and such
    • stencils and adhesive vinyl using our cute computerized vinyl cutter and color laser printer
    • airbrushing things and skin
  • work on structures, see https://sites.google.com/site/atomcult/home/camp-structures, e.g., the Cooling Tower
    • process bamboo with a blowtorch
    • cut metal strips and rods (lots of sparks :)), bend steel with hydraulic press
    • turn wooden plugs on a lathe
    • glue, varnish, and paint stuff
    • make and climb rope ladders (20 ft high anchor point and safety gear provided)
    • hack on arduino/LED strip setup
  • improve tower delivery system: "upgrade" the van, build out roof rack, assemble HF trailer
  • or work on the camp shower!

If you know what you want to work on, please tell us in advance, so we can coordinate tools and materials.

If you are not coming but want to help the Camp let's coordinate time for a daily hangout or two.