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Styles of bathroom and bedroom

A bathroom 
Here, coral is more than appropriate - it invigorates well in the early morning and fills with positive after a hard day's work! If you prefer bright contrasts, combine it with boiling white. The monochrome interior looks very beautiful, in which all shades of coral flow into each other from the lightest tones to the most saturated. 

Of the finishing materials for the bath, Carrara marble is considered the most acceptable. Bathroom in coral color Balcony, terrace In the open space within your own home, you can completely allow yourself not to limit yourself to fantasies! Decorate it in a Mediterranean style, painting the facades in dark coral color. 

Large tiles on a graphite-colored floor, massive terracotta pots with lush greenery and wicker chairs create an atmosphere of hot Spanish summer. In the evenings it will be pleasant to organize a tea party with friends or to arrange a romantic evening with a glass of light wine. 

 Terrace in coral . 

 Making your living or working space, make it a rule to show moderation in everything. Let the bright colors be better not enough than they begin to put pressure on the psyche with their annoying kaleidoscope.

 Before you purchase this or that thing, as well as choosing the color of decoration for rooms, try to visually assess in advance how harmonious these combinations are. 

Moreover, it is necessary to do this together with all household members, because the house is a place where everyone should be comfortable and comfortable, and not an exhibition hall for casual passers-by.