Living room ideas

You will be surprised when at a professional interior design project you see all the possibilities that, like, a familiar space hid!

Many buyers believe that there are only two styles of sofas: classic and modern.

In fact, both of them have many subcategories. The so-called "modern" style can include a variety of features. Modern is a popular style of upholstered furniture today . It is inherent in the smoothness and a certain asymmetry of forms.

In modernity, combinations of materials, for example, metal with wood, textiles with leather, as well as the most pronounced texture, are welcome. No wonder Art Nouveau at the end of the 19th century had the slogan: not a single piece of furniture should look like another.

High-tech is another modern style that is difficult to confuse with something. Its main features are maximum functionality, clearly calibrated forms and a complete lack of decorativeness. But this is offset by a metallic and polished sheen, a play of light and textures.

Functionalism is a style that originated in the 20-30s of the last century. It is also characterized by the absence of decorative details. A sofa or chair should exactly repeat the outlines of the human body, have smooth finished shapes. Something in common with functionalism and the style of minimalism .

The modern sofas made in it are extremely simple and seem to be composed of only strict lines. Imagine the symbiosis of Japanese modesty and Celtic asceticism - and you get a minimalist style. Preference is given to neutral colors: white, gray, cream, beige, black.

Living room ideas