Field Day 2005 - KQ5RP

I backpacked about 2 1/2 miles to the station site for my Field Day effort, at the primitive campsite in Pedernales Falls State Park in the Texas Hill Country.

The primitive campsite is in a wooded area on the edge of some north facing bluffs looking out over the canyon of the Pedernales River, and provided a delightful location for wilderness camping.

I operated Class 1B/Single Operator/Battery, and used the club call for the Austin QRP Club, 'KQ5RP'. I used 3 rigs; a Ten-Tec TKIT 1320 for 20 meters, a Small Wonder Labs SW+ on 40 meters, and a KD1JV AT Sprint 3 for some contacts on 80 and 40 meters. I used a 66'6" end fed wire and several radials (tuned with an Emtech ZM-2 antenna tuner), and a TiCK3 keyer and Whiterook MK-44 iambic paddles. All fairly lightweight QRP gear with low current consumption. I completed 132 contacts, with 59 sections.

This was my first time to participate in Field Day from a backpacking situation, though I've backpacked actively for 18 years or so. It's a magic experience to operate CW from deep in the woods by the simple light of a candle lantern!