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Name         : Arso M Vukićević
Birth          :
16. June 1987. Nikšić City, Montenegro
: Kragujevac City, Serbia

: mobile +381 64 34 83 552 (+Viber)

                    skype   arso_kg

Web           : researchgate, googleshoolar, linkedin


Medical Image Analysis, Image-based modeling, Computer Vision, Expert Systems, Biomechanics, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Translational research.


2016 - present : Assistant Professor of Computer Science, at The Faculty Of  Information Technology, University Of Metropolitan, Belgrade, Serbia.

     Courses: 2016-present CS430 Artificial intelligence in video games,
                      2016-present CS369 Game engines,
                      2018 CS323 C++

2011   -  present:  Researcher/Developer at BioIRC R&D center (Preparing project proposals and releasing assigned tasks in the corresponding work packages).

       Projects (tasks): ARTreat - ICT-FP7 – 224297, (Image analysis and reconstruction of
                                      coronary arteries from X-ray angiography),
                                   SMARTool H2020-PHC-2015 - grant 689068 (Image analysis and
                                      reconstruction of coronary arteries from CT scans),
                                   HarmonicSS H2020-SC1-2016-RTD - grant 731944 (Computer aided
                                     diagnosis of Sjogren's syndrome from salivary gland
                                     ultrasonography images),
                                   InSilc H2020-SC1-2017-CNECT-2 - grant 777119 (Patient specific
                                     FEA of coronary stents).

2011  - present : Teaching & Scientific Associate at The Faculty Of Engineering Science, University Of Kragujevac, Serbia.

    Courses: Introduction to programming, Algorithms and data structures, C++,
                    Mechanics I - Statics, Mechanics  III - Dynamics;  
Projects: III41007 - Application of biomedical engineering in preclinical and
                    clinical practice;

- Segmentation of coronary arteries from IVUS and OCT images,
- 3D-reconstruction of coronary arteries from X-ray angiography images,
- Angio-IVUS fusion and subsequent CFD analysis of blood flow,
- Image-based modeling in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery.


2011-2016 PhD in Mechanical engineering – Informatics in engineering, at the                              University of Kragujevac: Thesis – "Computer methods for image-based
                  modeling of coronary arteries hemodynamics and assessment of
                  coronary stent integrity
". *Award: The best PhD Thesis for 2016 (Serbian     
                  Society for  Computational Mechanics).

2009-2011 Master of Mechanical engineering – Informatics in engineering,  at the
                  University of Kragujevac.

2006-2009 Engineer of mechanical engineering – Informatics in engineering, at
                  Univesity of Kragujevac.    

2002-2006 Computer science – at Electrotehnical hight school in Kragujevac.

AWARDS and HONORS (as BS & MS student 2006-2011):
2007-11   The best student for current year of study during the period 2007-11 (5x).
2009        Microsoft Imagine Cup Serbia Finals, Software Design–1st place and
                audience award.
2009        Microsoft Imagine Cup World Finals Cairo, Live Services Award – 2nd place.
2010        Award regarding to 50 years of Faculty Of Mechanical Engineering in
      Kragujevac - Award for worldwide promotion and affirmation of the faculty.
2011        Scholar of the Kragujevac City Council.
2011        Semifinal Microsoft Imagine Cup, Embedded design category.
2011        The best student in the generation/class at Faculty of Engineering.

REVIEWER IN INTERNATIONAL JOURNALS (total 20 review invitations as PhD student):
 Serving as referee in the field of medical imaging, image-based modeling and various applications of neural network-based expert systems in:

January 2019 - I won the Nvida GPU grant (Titan V GPU) for my research on computer vision (CV). After healthcare, I stepped into applying CV for solving problems from wider industry.  The website updates coming soon... 

January 2018 - the web site completed;
One paper accepted by the Nature Scientific Reports & 2nd by the CMB&BE.

August 2017 - I finally launched my personal web page! :)