Oh we get the Praise!

Our website has been up and running now for a few short months and we have enjoyed hearing your thoughts and opinions.  Not sure if we have heard anything that would be considered negative!  Here are just a few examples of some columnists who shared their thoughts:

Lenny Sammons - Congratulations!  Nice job after obviously plenty of hard work!

Ernie Saxton - That is quite an effort.  Most probably will not understand the effort put forth.  Best of success to you.

Mark Tiderman - Thanks.  I'm sure it will be very helpful.  And yes, stats on some of the long gone speedways and racers are very had to find.  I love to put stats into a story....it makes it so much better.  Hell, Big Diamond stats are like the promoter...impossible to find.  Thanks, Mark.

Jeff Gravatt - Just shared on both of my Facebook pages!

Jo Ann and Don Davies - Wow!  We really applaud you for the phenomenal work you have done to preserve racing history.  Thanks so much for all your time and dedication.

Bones Bourcier - Guys,

  Just a word to say how much I'm enjoying your ARRA site.  As a research tool, its a real gift.  As a sleep aid, however, it is seriously lacking.  I've got a feeling that you're keeping a lot of history-minded race fans up late!

I hope you know how much your work is appreciated.


Bones Bourcier