Welcome to the home site of ARRA - Auto Racing Research Associates.  Auto Racing Research Associates (ARRA) is dedicated to the research, documentation and the maintaining of a library of the racing accomplishments of drivers, the weekly history of race tracks and racing series and organizations for archival purposes so that this vital information is not lost to time.

  While the members of ARRA have done their own personal research and compilations and can with a definite degree of confidence - back the information in their efforts with certainty to be complete and accurate...there is always the chance of a missing statistic due to our research sources.  They are compiled to the best of our ability and to the limits of our research material.  The original intent of this website was to feature our research work alone.  However, we have also included research material from sources outside of our own work...in an effort to become the "one stop historical database shop".  With that in mind, we cannot extend the same level of confidence in that work as we have in our own work....simply because we didn't do the work ourselves.  That is not in an effort to cast doubt on the reliability of others work....simply to point out that it is the work of others who have done the research and it was simply our choice to include it on our website.  We welcome getting notified of any inconsistencies and omissions in any of the work and will take each inquiry to task and try to look it up and resolve the issue.  It's all about the facts and adding to the documented history of our local sport.

   All of us here at ARRA would be remiss if we didn't recognize the tragic racing world loss of Maynard Troyer!  Maynard spanned the spectrum in Northeast racing!  From top flight driver to chassis designer on both asphalt and dirt to hugely successful race shop owner that transformed the face of racing with his creations.  All of us at ARRA want to express our deepest condolences to his fans, friends, family and to all of those who were so fortunate to have called him a friend.

ARRA was well represented at Orange County's annual Nostalgia Night.  Fred, Bill and Bill set up a great display and had many fans and members of the press offer their congratulations on a great job of keeping the history alive!  

  ARRA members are proud to announce that we have been joined by Sister Website Race Stat Central to our fold.  Race Stat Central webmaster and creator Dennis Clapperton and his associate Jeff Zimmerman come on-board as "Associate Members" and will continue to maintain their excellent statistical website, but will collaborate with ARRA members to further the streamlining of racing statistics and therefore assure even further accuracy in the numbers.  We are proud to welcome them aboard and look forward to what we can all accomplish together!  Find a link to Dennis' website on our new "Friends of ARRA/Links" page.

 The four original founding members of the ARRA group gather at a Flemington Speedway Historical Society meeting.  Bill Braga Jr., Steve Barrick, Bill Hanna and Fred Voorhees all get together for the first time as a group.  Missing is later added member Bill Skinner.
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