Welcome to the new layout for our website.  Due to the rapid growth of our site and the continuing submissions from our various contributing historians, we were quickly reaching our maximum storage capacity of the original site set up.  This page, which boasts the same web address as the old one (hence the reason how you got here when you hit the bookmark) serves as a "Welcome Mat" for all visitors.  The two billboards just below are hyper-links to two new websites....set up the identical way this one and our old site was.  Basically, we added two new websites - one to contain statistics pages serving Tracks, Series' and Organizations and the other serves our roster of Drivers, Cars and Events.  Thus, we cut the storage needs for each page and now allows us much more room for growth.  We didn't wish to have to address the situation in the middle of the racing season when there is enough to do....rather, get it done now and avoid a deluge of work when we didn't exactly need it.  So...simply click on the links below to go to where the information you seek is located.


                  Welcome to the home site of ARRA - Auto Racing Research Associates.  Auto Racing Research Associates (ARRA) is dedicated to the research, documentation and the maintaining of a library of the racing accomplishments of drivers, the weekly history of race tracks and racing series and organizations for archival purposes so that this vital information is not lost to time.

ATTN: Fred here racing fans.  I wanted to post this to update you on things around here.  Obviously, we are all quite aware of the current situation involving the Covid 19 virus and what an impact it has had on all of our lives.  Please keep this in mind as you browse our website right now.  The virus and all of the cancellations and postponements has raised havoc with many many racing series schedules.  I have been updating as information has become available.  I am still trying to play catch up with this stuff, but I just ask your patience as I deal with the constantly changing schedules as many organizations struggle to try to make the best of what they can with their schedules.  I thank you for your patience.

  While the members of ARRA have done their own personal research and compilations and can with a definite degree of confidence - back the information in their efforts with certainty to be complete and accurate...there is always the chance of a missing statistic due to our research sources.  They are compiled to the best of our ability and to the limits of our research material.  The original intent of this website was to feature our research work alone.  However, we have also included research material from sources outside of our own work...in an effort to become the "one stop historical database shop".  With that in mind, we cannot extend the same level of confidence in that work as we have in our own work....simply because we didn't do the work ourselves.  That is not in an effort to cast doubt on the reliability of others work....simply to point out that it is the work of others who have done the research and it was simply our choice to include it on our website.  We welcome getting notified of any inconsistencies and omissions in any of the work and will take each inquiry to task and try to look it up and resolve the issue.  It's all about the facts and adding to the documented history of our local sport.

Lots of changes around here at ARRA!  Proud and exciting times.  The storage situation has been festering for a little while and we now have that problem eliminated and on top of that....we have been accepted as the "Official Research Resource" of the Flemington Speedway Historical Society

 The four original founding members of the ARRA group gather at a Flemington Speedway Historical Society meeting.  Bill Braga Jr., Steve Barrick, Bill Hanna and Fred Voorhees all get together for the first time as a group.  Missing is later added member Bill Skinner.

  ARRA members are proud to announce that we have been joined by Sister Website Race Stat Central.  Race Stat Central webmaster and creator Dennis Clapperton and his associate Jeff Zimmerman come on-board as "Associate Members" and will continue to maintain their excellent statistical website, but will collaborate with ARRA members to further the streamlining of racing statistics and therefore assure even further accuracy in the numbers.  We are proud to welcome them aboard and look forward to what we can all accomplish together!  Click his logo just above to check out his fine and extremely informative site!

Along the same idea of the above explanation of sister website of fellow ARRA member Dennis Clapperton...we are happy to have another member of ARRA with a great website and we are proud to announce that we offer a link to it and invite all race fans to head on over and check it out.  New member Guy Smith is a devout stat keeper and is meticulous in his handling of racing data as he collects it with his literal world traveling ,race chasing,  tour.  Click Guy's logo above to access his site.

Click on the logo and take a trip through many eras of our local auto racing here in the Northeast thanks to Joe McFarlan's terrific website.  A popular website indeed....you will find yourself spending hours on this gem of a site.

ARRA welcomes our latest associate group to join us in the effort to maintain our sports history!  The Flemington Speedway Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the history of the Flemington Speedway first and foremost, but the preserving of all racing history is their desire.

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