Welcome to the home site of ARRA - Auto Racing Research Associates.  Our mission is to attempt to accurately document the history of drivers, tracks and racing organizations so that the information is not lost over time.  We welcome you to browse around the site....view the various files and hopefully, become enlightened about the history of each subject.


  While the members of ARRA have done their own personal research and compilations and can with a definite degree of confidence - back the information in their efforts with certainty to be complete and accurate...there is always the chance of a missing statistic due to our research sources.  They are compiled to the best of our ability and to the limits of our research material.  The original intent of this website was to feature our research work alone.  However, we have also included research material from sources outside of our own work...in an effort to become the "one stop historical database shop".  With that in mind, we cannot extend the same level of confidence in that work as we have in our own work....simply because we didn't do the work ourselves.  That is not in an effort to cast doubt on the reliability of others work....simply to point out that it is the work of others who have done the research and it was simply our choice to include it on our website.  We welcome getting notified of any inconsistencies and omissions in any of the work and will take each inquiry to task and try to look it up and resolve the issue.  It's all about the facts and adding to the documented history of our local sport.

  Lots of stuff happening here at ARRA!  While it's true that for the most part, the group of us do the most research work in the colder off-season months.  While I think the others may be following that tact much stricter than I......myself, I have suddenly immersed myself into the research work.  I have added a number of tracks lately and one or two drivers lately with another a day or so away.  And I'm not stopping there.  I am joining forces with the other guys in researching one of the true legends of the local dirt AND ASPHALT tracks.  When all is said and done...I am pretty sure that we will STILL not have all of his wins documented simply because our sources are limited during his career window.  But we have gotten a request for a good reason to do his career and we have jumped on the task.  I will be starting the career research on one of Delaware's top modified shoe soon and after that......a New York legend.

   In my research over the past few days on the local legend....I happened to find a few more stats for research that we had already done.  And this is because not all that long ago, we received a generous donation of a ton of old racing papers from retired Jersey and Pennsy driving star Harry Turner and his Brother George and it has expanded our research library backwards in time.  This addition has allowed me to find another win for Buzzie Reutimann at Ft. Dix...now called New Egypt and also....another win for Chuck Akulis at the long defunct Midstate Speedway in New York.  I did find another item on a driver who I have completed research on, but have yet to finalize the process of releasing it to the site.  What this has reminded me of is that I need to go back through the older driver files and see who might have some wins tucked way back in time.

  Congratulations to Craig VonDohren on his recent win at Grandview...the Forrest Rogers Memorial!

   It's with great sadness that we note the recent passing of legendary modified driver Carl "Fuzzy" VanHorn!  Carl was an icon of the Eastern Modifieds and a pioneer that helped make modified racing what it is today!  Rest in Peace Carl.  Modified racing owes you many thanks for the years of exciting racing!

  It's with great pride that we are now accessible directly from the racing site 3 Wides Picture Vault!  Site owner Joe McFarlan appreciates the history of our sport and contributes back to it in a number of ways...mostly known for his website which allows fans to upload pictures from the past and present and then all visitors can comment on each picture...contributing to its legacy and authenticity.  Joe appreciates putting racing history in its correct order..with accuracy and preserving its authenticity and historical correctness.  It's the same here at A.R.R.A. - we strive to provide the most accurate and correct information on racing's past....so it can be appreciated now and in the future.

To access 3 Wides Picture Vault...click "here"

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