Working Papers / Publications:
  • Warnke, Arne Jonas (in progress). An Investigation of Record Linkage Refusal and Its Implications for Empirical Research. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 17-031. Download.
  • Bradler, Christiane; Neckermann, Susanne and Warnke, Arne Jonas (2016), Incentivizing Creativity: a Large-Scale Experiment with Tournaments and Gifts. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 16-040, Mannheim. Abstract or Download
  • Sittl, Roman and Warnke, Arne Jonas (2016), Competitive Balance and Assortative Matching in the German Bundesliga. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 16-058, Mannheim. Abstract or Download, Website (in progress):
  • Desjardins, Richard and Warnke, Arne Jonas (2012), Ageing and Skills: A Review and Analysis of Skill Gain and Skill Loss Over the Lifespan and Over Time, OECD Education Working Papers, No. 72, OECD Publishing, Paris, France. Further Information or Download
  • Warnke, Arne Jonas; Ederer, Peer and Schuller, Philipp (2012), Cognitive skills, tasks and job mobility, Annual Conference 2012 (Goettingen): New Approaches and Challenges for the Labor Market of the 21st Century, Verein für Socialpolitik / German Economic Association. Download
In progress:
  • Arntz, Melanie; Warnke, Arne Jonas and Zierahn, Ulrich (in progress), The Rise of the East and the Rise of the Populists.
  • Steffes, Susanne and Warnke, Arne Jonas (in progress), Gender differences in wages and training.
  • Steffes, Susanne and Warnke, Arne Jonas (in progress), New evidence on the determinants of firm-based trainingDownload (Preliminary Version).
Contributions to Edited Volumes:
  • Warnke, Arne Jonas (2015), Verzerrung durch selektive Stichproben, Nonresponse Bias - Qualitätssicherung sozialwissenschaftlicher Umfragen, Jürgen Schupp, Christof Wolf (Hrsg.), Wiesbaden: Springer VS. Further Information (Springer Website)
  • Ederer, Peer; Warnke, Arne Jonas; Greiff, Samuel and Schuller, Philipp (2014), Dynamisches Problemlösen stärkt Innovationskompetenz, in: Dr. Bernhard Rosenberger, Modernes Personalmanagement, Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden. Further Information (Springer Website)

Policy reports, contribution to newspapers etc.

  • Sittl, Roman and Warnke, Arne Jonas (2016), Competitive Balance and Assortative Matching: Data from the German Bundesliga. Link.
  • Sittl, Roman and Warnke, Arne Jonas (2016), Mehr Geld, weniger Spannung: Vor dem Saisonstart der Fußball-Bundesliga. Ökonomenstimme. Link.
  • Frey, Bruno S.; Gibbs, Michael; Neckermann, Susanne; Bradler, Christiane; Warnke, Arne Jonas and Siemroth, Christoph (2013), Incentives and Creativity, ZEW policy brief, No 4, July. Download
  • Bonin, Holger; Bradler, Christiane and Warnke, Arne Jonas (2012), Unternehmensstrategien zur Fachkräftesicherung, ZEW Mannheim. Download
  • Contribution to: Autorengruppe Bildungsberichterstattung (2012), Bildung in Deutschland 2012, W. Bertelsmann Verlag, Bielefeld. Further Information or Download
  • Castellazzi, Silvia; Ederer, Peer; Schuller, Philipp; Warnke, Arne Jonas and Willms, Stephan (2011), Human Capital Leading Indicators: How Europe's Regions and Cities Can Drive Growth and Foster Social Inclusion, Lisbon Council Policy Brief, Vol. V, No. 1. Further Information or Download
  • Ederer, Peer; Schuller, Philipp and Warnke, Arne Jonas (2010), Blühende Landschaften für ganz Deutschland!, bdvb 109. Download