Have Chromebooks, laptops or desktops? 
Try our new easy-peasy green screen templates in Google Drawings! Click on a template below to get started!
January 2018 Template: coming soon!
December 2017 Template:
Summer 2017 Template: Canada 150 Edition!
June 2017 Template: 

Have iOS devices? 
Use the green screen images below in a photo-editing green screen app, add your background and share it with us #PicForward & @PicForward!

Here are our green screened photos! Have fun editing in your backgrounds!

5 Simple Rules: 
  • Appropriate, 'labeled for reuse'* images only.
  • Try to give us a hint to where you're located with the background you choose!
  • Feel free to flip, turn, resize, reshape our challenge images to best suit your background.
  • "Pic Forward" or nominate other schools so we can have as many participants as possible! 
  • Have fun!

*REMEMBER: If searching for background images in Google, be sure to go to "Images" > "Usage rights" > "Labeled for reuse" to avoid any copyright issues, or better yet take your own photos!
-Submit as many photos as you like.

Pic Forward Participant Photos