What is Pic Forward? 
Watch this short video we made to find out!

Here's our teacher Mme Larissa Aradj telling the
Pic Forward story on TLC Ninja Podcast:

Here's her blog post all about the Pic Forward Global Green Screen Challenge Project and how it got started. 

Who are we? 
We are students in grade 4 & 5 from Canada! We are doing this because we want to see lots of different cultures and learn about different  countries, and where you are from. We also think it's important to learn how to be safe online and at the same time for us  to explore different social media and learn to use it properly with the help of Mme Aradj. Also learn about digital citizenship! We are very excited to see what backgrounds you are going to put into our photos!

We want to see what you come up with and we hope to see your school on the map! We love taking photos and if you know someone in a different city or country please give them a shout or a call and ask them to go to participate in Pic Forward!