Pic Forward is a Global Green Screen Challenge
We're looking for creative classes, students & teachers around the world to help us edit backgrounds of their choice into our green screen photos!
Pic Forward essentially means "pass it on!", once you've completed the challenge nominate other schools to participate!  
We will post 6 green background photos every month for classes to edit. Please share, nominate others and maybe even return the favour with your own challenge back to us. 
See our simple rules page here.
No experience necessary - check out the how to edit page for more info! 

We can't wait to see your awesome creations! Participate now by clicking here.

 We are grade 4 & 5 students from Toronto, Ontario, Canada looking forward to breaking down our classroom walls while sharing creativity.
Our goal is to meet other creative students around the world and hope everyone has fun! 

Einstein said it best, “Creativity is intelligence having fun!”