A Special Dedication - 1994

Here, in the true moment, where all beings are at peace
Here, where the fragrance of the mystery is always with us
Here, where the solitary mind displays its infinite functioning
We turn ourselves to you, Anne Hopkins Aitken

With sparkling eye, gentle hand, generous heart
you've touched our lives and ten thousand others-
showing the Way,
  protecting the Dharma,
    aiding beings

The love we've known from you and for you
returns to you, and again to us, endlessly ongoing
Your presence here, home for good, calls us all home
to the life of beginning and no beginning, end and no end

Let true Dharma continue
Sangha relations become complete [damped bell]

 [Sangha joins in refrain: All Buddhas ....]

posted 2000.09.06
updated 2003.09.28