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Anne Aitken Papers


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The Anne Hopkins Aitken Papers consist of two cubic feet of records in two 12-inch boxes. At the time of its donation to the University of Hawai'i, the archives had been posthumously arranged into two series, one containing material dealing with aspects of her genealogy and the other containing all other records. It has since been reorganized by University archivists into three series, titled "Writings," "Personal Documents," and "Genealogical Materials."

Records date from 1919 through 2002, with the bulk of the material dating from 1960 through 1994. Included are materials both created and collected by Anne Aitken during the course of her life, as well as a limited amount of biographical material collected posthumously by family members. The records are in various formats, including photographs; hand- and typewritten correspondence and journals; bound and unbound manuscripts of poetry and non-fiction; family trees and other genealogical material; and personal financial records. Access to the records is unrestricted.




Anne Arundel Hopkins Aitken was born in Chicago, Illinois on February 8, 1911 and died in Honolulu, Hawai'i on June 13, 1994. A graduate of Scripps College in Claremont California (B.A., English, 1932), Aitken spent two years (1929-1931) studying abroad as an undergraduate at Oxford University. She pursued a Master's Degree in Sociology, first at Stanford University (1933) and then at Northwestern University (1940-1942). In addition to her Oxford years, Aitken also lived in England from January to June 1937, and at various times in her life traveled to Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, Italy and much of South America.

A schoolteacher by training, Aitken received  a sizable inheritance from her parentsãLambert and Marian Hopkinsãwhich she used to help fund a variety of social and Buddhist organizations. She is perhaps best known as a founding memberãalong with her husband Robert Aitken (subsequently Robert Aitken Roshi)ãof one of the first western Zen Buddhist training organizations, The Diamond Sangha, which was established in October 1959 in Honolulu. She was also active in the Maui Zendo at Peahi and the Palolo Zen Center on O'ahu.

Though Anne Aitken did not have any children of her own, she did have a stepson, Thomas L. Aitken, as well as several foster children. At the time of her death, she was survived by her husband Robert; stepson Thomas; sister Constance Hellyer; brothers Lawrence A. Hopkins and Thayer Hopkins.

The records in the Anne Hopkins Aitken Archives cover nearly the entire span of her life, though the majority of the material dates from her last 35 years. The complete contents of these archives are described in greater detail in the individual series descriptions, which follow.



Series Title: Anne Aitken Genealogy and Family History Documents


Date Range: n.d., 1976-1994, 2002


Series Quantity: 0.5 cubic feet, in one 12" box


Arrangement Statement: Arranged alphabetically by subject, and thereunder chronologically.


Series Contents:

Contains Anne Aitken's research into her genealogy and family history. Documents include genealogical charts and family trees of the following families: Hopkins, Stinchfield, and Arundel. Also includes manuscript of family finances with regard to family wills, and the wills of Anne's parents, Marian and Lambert Hopkins; Stinchfield family stories and manuscripts; a bound copy of the Stinchfield genealogical history, dated 1993 and entitled, "One Bough from a Branch of the Tree: A Stinchfield Variation" by Diane S. Klingenstein (a cousin of Anne Aitken).  Hopkins family correspondence regarding genealogical research and materials, circa 1976-2002, including e-mail correspondence from 2002.  Typed transcripts of travel writing (originally in the form of a diary) by "grandpa Stinchfield," originally written in 1871; and excerpts from the writings of Charles Stinchfield circa 1874. Historical recounts by Charles Stinchfield.  Stinchfield genealogical materials, photocopied photographs, photocopied news clippings. Books written by uncle Tom Hopkins.





Series Title: Anne Aitken Genealogy and Family History Documents

Box no./folder no.                   Contents


01/01                                       "Anne AitkenãRelating to Wills"


01/02                                       "Anne's Family Histories"

  genealogical charts, manuscript of finances


01/03                                       Family Trees

Anne & Robert Aitken family tree

Hopkins-Stinchfield family tree


01/04                                       "Hopkins Family History" 1976-2002


manuscripts of family stories

genealogy materials

emails from 2002


01/05                                       "Larry Hopkins on Family History" 1980-81


transcripts of travel writing by grandpa Stinchfield 1871

1874 excerpts from Charles Stinchfield

historical recounts

genealogical materials

photocopied photographs

news clippingsãphotocopies

Uncle Tom Hopkins books


01/06                                       "Hopkins Wills"

Marian Hopkins (Anne's mother)

Lambert Hopkins (Anne's father)


01/07                                       "One Bough from a Branch of the Tree:
A Stinchfield Variation" by Diane S. Klingenstein 1993


01/08                                       "Stinchfield Stories"

manuscripts of family stories



Series Title: Anne Aitken Writings


Date Range: n.d., 1931, 1932, 1950, 1952


Series Quantity: 0.5 cubic feet, in one 12" box


Arrangement Statement: Arranged alphabetically by genre.


Series Contents: Contains handwritten and typed poetry manuscripts, prose manuscripts, personal notebooks, reflections on personal relationships, dialogue, and rejection letters from poetry magazines.  Also includes 20 typed manuscripts to and from N. Teira of Palo Alto, California.  Some of the typewritten manuscripts are annotated by hand.





Series Title: Anne Aitken Writings

Box no./folder no.                   Contents


01/09                                       "1931 Oxford Journal"

                                                essays, poetry, journal writing, newspaper clippings


01/10                                       "Anne Aitken Poetry I"

                                                poetry manuscripts, rejection letters from poetry magazines


01/11                                       "Anne Aitken Poetry II"

                                                handwritten and typed poetry manuscripts

                                                poetry notebooks

                                                20 typed manuscripts to and from N. Teira of Palo Alto,



01/12                                       "Anne Aitken Poetry III"

                                                more poetry, typed single sheets, some with annotations in



01/13                                       "Anne Aitken Writings"

                                                notes, prose manuscripts, jokes, dialogue, do and don't

                                                lists, reflections on personal relationships


01/14                                       "Notebook: 'Nhat Hahn"

                                                quotes and annotations from books with page numbers



Series Title: Anne Aitken Personal Documents


Date Range: 19191994; bulk are dated 1960-1994


Series Quantity: 1 cubic feet, in one 12" box


Arrangement Statement: Arranged alphabetically by subject, and thereunder chronologically.


Series Contents:

Consists primarily of Anne Aitken's correspondence with friends, relatives, and associates primarily in the form of hand written letters and cards. There is a considerable amount of correspondence from certain individuals including: Thomas (Tom) Aitkens (stepson), Bonte Durau, Catalina Ferrer, Wilma Keyes, Connie and David Hellyer (cousin), Lambert (Larry) Hopkins Jr. and Bobbie (brother & sister-in-law), Diane (Dee) Klingenstein (cousin), and Dorthea Shirai, to which individual folders have been devoted. Family correspondence includes correspondence from Anne's parents, siblings, and relatives.  Non-family correspondence include letters relating to the zendo, holiday greetings, and notes of financial assistance.  Some letters include drawings, photographs, and receipts for donations. Personal papers contain Anne's non-correspondence materials including documents relating to Anne's death: death certificates, autopsy reports from 1994, funeral program, and newsletters; employment applications with educational background and work experience; financial documents including stock reports and trust statements spanning from 1971-1981.  Also includes a transcript of an interview with Anne on her thoughts on ageing. 





Series Title: Anne Aitken Personal Documents

Box no./folder no.                   Contents


02/01                                       Anne Aitken Cards, 1929-1996

personal cards from family & friends (some addressed to Robert Aitken)


02/02                                       Anne Aitken Civil Service Documents

1943 job applications with the federal government


02/03                                       Anne Aitken Correspondence with Parents 1963-1989

mainly from Daddy (Lambert)

includes letters from father dated 1919 & 1929


02/04                                       Anne Aitken Correspondence from Family 1961-1964

typed & handwritten correspondence


02/05                                       Anne Aitken Correspondence from Family II 1964-1972

typed & handwritten correspondence


02/06                                       Anne Aitken Correspondence 1940-1950

photographs, non-family correspondence


02/07                                       Anne Aitken Correspondence I 1951-1960

non-family correspondence, photographs


02/08                                       Anne Aitken Correspondence II 1961-1965

non-family correspondence, photographs


02/09                                       Anne Aitken Correspondence III 1966-1970

non-family correspondence, some relating to the zendo



02/10                                       "Anne Aitken Correspondence IV" 1971-1975

non-family correspondence, photographs, cards photocopies, some relating to zendo, birthday, holiday correspondence


02/11                                       Anne Aitken Correspondence V 1976-1980

non-family correspondence, some relating to zendo, includes photographs and greeting cards


02/12                                       Anne Aitken Correspondence VI 1981-1985

non-family correspondence, includes photographs


02/13                                       Anne Aitken Correspondence VII 1986-1990

notes, non-family correspondence, photographs


02/14                                       Anne Aitken Correspondence VIII 1991-1994

non-family correspondence


02/15                                       Anne Aitken In Memoriam

1994 newsletters

autopsy records

death certificate, 3 certified copies issued June 15, 1994

funeral program


02/16                                       Anne Aitken Interview on Aging

manuscript interview 1993


02/17                                       Anne Aitken Personal Financial Information 1971-1981

stock reports, municipal bond reports, bank and trust statements majority of which from Wells Fargo Trust Division, letters from Thayer Hopkins regarding family stock holdings, financial analysis from Larry

stock information from 1959


02/18                                       Aitken, Thomas (Tom, Anne Aitken's stepson) 1958-1991

correspondence from Tom to Robert and Anne Aitken, some financial documents regarding personal loans to Tom


02/19                                       Durau, Bonte

correspondence, n.d.


02/20                                       "Ferrer, Catalina" 1989-1995

correspondence, some in Spanish


02/21                                       "Foster Parent Materials" 1985-1991

correspondence with Lopez, 1985-1986

correspondence with Diallo, 1985-1991

correspondence relating to foster parenting


02/22                                       "Keyes, Wilma" 1987-1992



02/23                                       Hellyer, Connie and David, 1971-1980

correspondence mainly from Connie


02/24                                       "Hopkins, Larry" (Anne's brother)

correspondence 1963-1991


02/25                                       Hopkins, Lambert Jr. & Bobbie (Anne's brother & sister-


correspondence mainly from Bobbie


02/26                                       Hopkins, Bobbie, 1990

correspondence containing religious and personal content

photocopied letters from Anne Aitken

photocopies of books


02/27                                       "Klingenstein, Dee" (Diane) (Anne's cousin), 1993



02/28                                       "Shirai, Dorothea" n.d. 1979

correspondence from Dorothea, drawings, writings, poems