The Morgan Studio and its Donors

The Morgan Studio has been active in Colorado since 1999, offering private and group instruction in early music performance practice.


Jann Benson (RIP) - treble/tenor/bass viols, their cases and bows; music for the library

Ellen Boal - tenor and bass viols with bows and cases

Bob Byler (RIP) - seven string bass and case

Mark Cudek, Jeffery Grabelle, Tom Morgan, Daniel Rippe, Rose Terada, - donations to the music library

Ruth Harvey - consort/solo music and the complete Groves Dictionary of Music

Sam Kiteley - donations to the library and student sponsorships

Johanna Renouf - six string bass, bows, case, stand

Patricia Smith - six string bass, bow, case

Lloyd Smith - 8 violas da gambas, baroque cello and their bows and cases; music for the library

Saundra Terry - tenor viol case, music stand, music for the library, other misc

Marianne Zwahlen - consort music, bass viol case, lute repairs