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Go here to enjoy a Spring "Rebirth" concert with Boulder's

Ars Nova Singers Tom Morgan, Director.

As the featured guest artists, tenor Nicholas Phan and Ann Marie Morgan offer three songs performed together (apart! each one recording in their own home state). They are interviewed, as well, offering the listener a unique opportunity to "get to know" them a bit.

24:04 – 37:35

(Time Stands Still, Dowland 28:14 – 31:43); (Willow Song, Anon 32:40 – 37:35);

1:06:59 – 1:09:59

(Fire, Fire! Lanier 1:08:20 -1:09:59)

Performance first aired on March 20, 2021.




Reunion Tour ***


November 1 & 2, 2019

***R & B

Renaissance and Baroque

Ann Marie Morgan, bass and treble violas da gamba, voice; William Simms, theorbo and baroque guitar



Exerpted from a review of the Carnegie Hall Recital "A Painted Tale" (Opera News, May 2015, Judith Malafronte):

"Viola da gamba player Ann Marie Morgan, a former teacher of Phan, and Michael Leopold, on lute and theorbo, provided a variety of textures for instrumental accompaniment. Morgan’s solo bass line of Purcell’s “O solitude” emphasized the starkness of the song, with its repetitive structure at once oppressive and comforting. Tracing chords in a lyra-viol technique was especially effective in Nicholas Lanier’s lively “Fire, fire,” and Morgan varied each verse and repeat of the same composer’s “No more shall meads be deck’d with flowers” with improvised countermelodies and melodic doubling that was inventive and fascinating. The missing final pizzicato note of Lanier’s “Stay, silly heart, and do not break” turned up in the serene opening of Purcell’s “Now that the sun hath veiled his light.” "


Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall

A Painted Tale received an "Editor's Choice" in the April 2015 edition of Gramophone Magazine (please click to read review).

A Painted Tale

Nicholas Phan, tenor

Michael Leopold, Lute

Ann Marie Morgan, Viola da Gamba

Blow - Dowland - Ferrabosco - Lanier - Purcell


(Listen to and watch a 3 minute video on the making of the CD)