Localization Boot Camp

at BRAC University

14th, July 2006

Arranged by Ankur, Organized by BRAC University Computer Club (BUCC)

Sponsored by BRAC University (BU)

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Vision: It's Open Source, It's an Open Network.


Our love for our mother tongue

is NOT

limited to a single day of February.

Thanks to all of you who have made the event successful.

Star Campus News (Daily Star):


Workshop on localisation at BRAC University

Hammad Ali

The second boot camp for localisation or translation of documents in Bangla was held at BRAC University on 14th July, at BRAC University. OpenOffice is a completely open source office suite. The workshop was organized in collaboration with Ankur and the BRAC University Computer Club (BUCC). A total of twenty volunteers attended the event. The workshop was directed by Mr. Jamil Ahmed, co-ordinator, Ankur. Also present were Mujahidul Islam Sujan and Mahey Alam Khan from Ankur, and Annajiat Alim Rasel and Nafid Haque from BRAC University. A total of more than 2100 lines of text were translated during the four-hour long workshop. There were also discussions on the different aspects of the localization process. All those interested in this localisation process can join the following yahoo group for more information:

The first localisation workshop was held in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) on 10th June. About eighteen volunteers attended that event, and over 2000 lines of text were translated.

The slogan for the second workshop was “Our love for our mother tongue is not limited to a single day of February”. BUCC deems the event to have been immensely successful, and are proud to have been a part of the localisation efforts in Bangladesh.

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List of BRAC University Computer Club members who worked for the event:

Annajiat Alim Rasel

Nafid Haque

Shoman Bhuiyan


Md. Intekhab Al Hafiz

Tanjin Ahmed

Mohibuzzaman Zico

Lab Support:

Mohammad Salah Uddin Polash



Strings Localized: 2100

Simultaneous Work Hours: 4

Combined Work Hours: 100


Softwares used:

Local Link: (may be fast)

Original Link:

Originally from:

Useful link:


Registration is required, see below.

Event Details:

Date: 14th, Friday, July 2006

Time: 9 am - 4:30 pm


BRAC University

66, Mohakhali, Dhaka

University Building (UB)

Floor: 3rd

Computer Labs: UB304 and UB305

Location Map:

Small Large


Localization: 9-->11am

Snacks: 11-->11:15am (Snacks will be Provided)

Localization: 11:15-->1pm

Prayer & Lunch : 1-->2pm (Lunch will be Provided)

Localization: 2-->4:30pm


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More info:


Annajiat Alim Rasel

Secretary, BUCC

BRAC University Computer Club

'Key' BULUG (a part of BUCC) Volunteers:

Nafid Haque ( )

Annajiat Alim Rasel ( )

Mohibuzzaman Zico (

Souro (

Khandaker Wasim Reza Tonmoy (

BUCC stands for BRAC University Computer Club

BULUG stands for BUCC Linux Users Group

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Hartal on 4th was unforeseen and created a lot of problems. This page will be updated regularly

to reflect any changes, so please check this page for updates from time to time. We are sorry for

inconveniences. Thanks for your continued patience.

Localization Camps:

Localization Camp 1: Held at IICT, BUET on June 2006. 18 participants translated around 2000

strings on that single day.

Localization Camp 2: Going to be held at BRAC University on July 2006.


Besides voluntary work on Localization and Open Source by the members of BUCC, there is a

research center in BU (not directly related to BUCC or Boot Camp).

Center for Research on Bangla Language Processing

The Center for Research on Bangla Language Processing (CRBLP) of BRAC University is currently conducting research projects that deal with Bangla language processing. At present the research team is working on Bangla information retrieval, (e.g., Bangla spell-checking, Bangla search engine), morphological analysis, developing a digital Bangla lexicon and an online dictionary, building an annotated Bangla corpus, Bangla computational syntax, Bangla optical character recognition and Bangla speech processing.

This center is supported in part by a grant from the PAN Localization Project (PanL10n) of the International Development Research Corporation (IDRC) of Ottawa, Canada.

Update November 8, 2006:

CRBLP has been given the task to take care of Bangla in Microsoft Windows Vista!

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