Horse Training

Here are some really good links to other websites:

  • They do a lot of work with mustangs here and have some great articles on bomb-proofing, gentling, and creating horse obstacle courses.
  • I have been following this guy's yahoo group for years.  He is a brilliant trainer, and uses some methods I haven't seen anywhere else. He offers tons of free advice and how-to's if you subscribe to his yahoo group. (Search for "imagineahorse"). I used his methods when I taught Magnum to bow.  I also built a pedestal based on his instructions and taught Magnum to stand on it and "salute". (Which, by the way, my mother thought was hilarious and promptly told everybody "the first thing Anna did was teach her horse to salute her!")
  • If you go to the "Articles" tab, he has some good ones on things like proactive bombproofing, and one I particularly like, "Building Your Own Props".
  • I include this mainly because when I started Magnum under saddle, I was ignorantly bumping his teeth with the bit whenever I'd bridle or unbridle him, which led to a habit of lifting his head high in the air to avoid the bridle.  To this day I give him a bit of carrot or other treat to encourage him to open his mouth when I go to bridle him.