Andrea VITALI 




via Olivetti 2 

Agrate Brianza (MI) 20041


Short résumé 

Competences and interests

Project management, customer/supplier relationship management, product design, marketing.

Education and training

2005-2008 management training: financial simulations, supply chain management and business case study, innovation management; project management, team building.

1999-2004 technical training: SystemC, compilers and CPU architectures, modeling algorithms, VHDL, UMTS/CDMA, OFDM.

Master degree in Electronic Engineering c/o Politecnico di Milano. Master thesis in Digital Signal Processing, “Digital Receiver for analog-TV”, supervisor: prof. Rocca.

High school qualification: classical studies, Liceo classico “Paolo Sarpi” in Bergamo.

Work experience

Senior system architect, corporate system R&D since 2004

Project management and team coordination aimed to develop:

  • hardware (MEMS sensors: pressure, force, temperature, acceleration…)
  • software (user interfaces, peer2peer distributed systems…)
  • products (microchip for telecom, mechatronics, automotive)

Internal development of advanced technical solutions for Product Divisions; assessment and integration of intellectual properties developed by third parties.

Coordination of R&D activities of centers of excellence in STMicroelectronics and third parties: prototyping in collaboration with technical labs and intellectual properties management in collaboration with legal/IP department.

Relationship management with scientific institutes and universities for workshops, stages and recruiting.

Audio/video system engineer 2001-2004

Implementation and characterization of channel codes. Participation to IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) standardization process.

Implementation of algorithms for audio compression and compressed-domain processing. Objective quality evaluation. Robust decoding with error concealment.

Implementation of algorithms for video compression. Scalable, layered and multiple-description video coding. Robust decoding with error concealment.

Design of proprietary algorithms for compression of images, graphical textures and CCD sensor data.

Digital hardware designer 1999-2001

Design, simulation and synthesis of digital circuits. Implementation of digital filters and sample rate converters, also asynchronous. Digital demodulation of analog signals (radio and TV).

University professor 

2007-2010, University professor c/o University of Milan, teaching "Coding of MultiMedia Information" - MultiMedia Coding (UniMI)

2004-today, University professor c/o University of Bergamo, teaching "MicroElectronics" and "Project of MicroElectronics" - MicroElectronics (UniBG)

2001-2002, Lecturer c/o University of Pavia, teaching "Digital Electronics"

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Kung-Fu instructor in the following fitness clubs:


2006-todayCapolinea Cortenuova (BG)


2006-2007, CORAL Trescore B. (BG)

1998-2006, CORAL Romano di L. (BG)


1996-1998, Almè (BG)