Biomedical electronics: signal processing, software applications 

Automotive: sensors, power electronics

Zoomable User Interfaces, multitouch multiuser interfaces

Channel Coding: LDPC error correction, Digital Fountain erasure recovery

Video: Multiple Description coding, distributed Wyner-Ziv coding

Audio: Adaptive Playout

Digital Processing: Sample Rate Converters (SRC)


MicroElectronics (UniBG)

MultiMedia Coding (UniMI)

Thesis projects




Biomedical Electronics


Codename: BGW. It is an electronic sticking plaster with rechargeable battery, sensors, low power microcontroller and radio module (bluetooth).

2008 prototype made of transparent silicon


Zoomable User Interfaces 

Zoomable FileSystem Viewer

Codename: FILEMAGE. New prototype of a zoomable file-system viewer, really faster! The successor of ZDESKTOP.

    Explorer & Picture Manager                 FileMage view



Codename: ZDESKTOP. Prototype of a zoomable user interface (ZUI) developed at the University of Bergamo (Engineering faculty) . It is written in Java and it is based on Piccolo Toolkit. The project is owned and sponsored by STMicroelectronics. All rights reserved.

Classical Explorer View                 Zoomable View (ZDesktop)


Distributed Systems

Peer2Peer Next 

Codename: P2PNEXT. Prototype of a new peer2peer system for live streaming, streaming on demand and download. The project is done by STMicroelectronics and several other partners. It has been approved and it is sponsored by the European Community (FP7 research program).

This new system will include:

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