NY Legislation

June 6, 2014

New York Residents Only- Time Sensitive

We are on the brink of making good things happen in NY, or sadly not. The Lyme disease bill (A07558-A), one that helps everyone and hurts no one, has finally passed the Assembly!

Unfortunately, Senator Kemp Hannon is sitting on the Senate version (S05520-B), choosing not to bring it up for a vote. This is a shameful situation considering the tragic results (chronic illness, disability & death) being realized by those suffering from a lack of necessary treatment for a tick borne disease that is spreading across the nation like wildfire.

No one should, as has been the policy, be subjected to restrictive, antiquated, proven-not-to-work, riddled with conflicts of interest, Lyme disease treatment guidelines that require positive results on tests proven to miss 75% of those infected, and that restricts all but one insurance-friendly treatment protocol that has repeatedly proven not to cure everyone. We need choices! Our doctors need choices!

The NY bills allow the patient and doctor to have those treatment choices, a "patient's right” that is automatically provided to those with other diseases, just not for people with Lyme disease.

Will you please help the Davids (NY's volunteer advocates, patients and their doctors) who have been working so hard to change this situation for you - fight the Goliath's (handful of IDSA guideline authors with obscene conflicts of interest) who continue to restrict treatment options- by doing one or more of the following? Of course, the more the better because we are serious and need this bill passed now!

1.) Click HERE to send an easy to use automated letter to legislators asking for the passage of the Senate version of the bill. PLEASE, very important, write a short note about your situation in the box provided. Those are the letters they listen to! Your letter will be sent automatically to key legislators.

2.) Call Senator Kemp Hannon's office (518-455-2200) or email him ( hannon@nysenate.gov ) and tell him you support the Lyme disease bill (S05520-B) and you want the Senator to immediately pass it out of the Health Committee and get it on the floor for a vote.

3.) Call Senator Dean Skelos's office (518-455-3171) or email ( skelos@nysenate.gov ) and tell them you support the Lyme disease bill (S05520-B) and to please get the Republicans in Rules to pass it.

4.) Contact your Senator (and others if you'd like) by clicking HERE . You can tweet, face book post, phone or email from this site. Please tell them you support the Lyme disease bill (S05520-B) and need their help to get it passed. Let's get social media buzzing too!

5.) Emails for all NY Senators are listed HERE. Feel free to share your opinions with all.

Thank you for doing all you can to help! Without your assistance we will be forced to live with the status quo, which is NOT acceptable.

Lucy Barnes, Volunteer Patient Advocate