Cancer, Lyme, Doxy

Cancer, Lyme, Inflammation & Doxycycline

There are links between cancer, Lyme, inflammation and doxycycline.  Many people are getting Lyme disease (CDC estimates 329,000 per year) and as a result are suffering from the effects of inflammation.  Months to years later these chronic Lyme patients are being diagnosed with some sort of "cancer".  Below are some basic findings you may want to consider.

Lyme disease and other infections can cause inflammation. 

Inflammation is involved with and is the cause of some cancers.  

Doxycycline addresses the Lyme or other infections and the resulting inflammation.  

Cancer is being treated as a infectious disease with Doxycycline with very good results.

Inflammation is also being treated with Doxycycline with very good results.

Lyme is being treated with Doxycycline with some good results.

To get started, you may want to read the information below.

Here is more information on prostate and breast cancer specifically.

And one more section on treating cancer as an infectious disease.

I've personally seen this approach work on both animals and humans, but I am not saying it is right for everyone.  As it is very difficult to get regular doctors to love the word "Lyme" and the patients that have it, it is the same with cancer doctors when you bring up the doxy, cancer, inflammation subject.

The sad part is most people will toss this information aside because they are scared to wander away from the traditional path and course of treatment once diagnosed.  Often the doctors that patients are dealing with in the cancer community won't consider this information.


For those who need detailed information on their specific type of cancer and/or emotional support you can call the American Cancer Society 24/7 and speak with one of their volunteers.  

They are NOT familiar with Lyme disease and in fact I wouldn't bring that up if you have Lyme.  If they are like the MS Society- when they hear the word Lyme along with MS they will dump you like a hot potatoe.  

Resources (financial) we don’t have in the Lyme community the ACS makes available.  For cancer patients the ACS offers transportation to/from appointments, emotional support, help with day to day expenses- meds, copays, rent, utilities, etc.

They don't offer "alternative" info/treatment. (See information below.)

They can make doctor referrals if needed.  I’ve contacted them over the years to try to find help for patients and they’ve always been quite helpful for cancer related issues. 

Quote ACS- "Our phone lines are open every minute of every day to help give people the answers they need about cancer. Each year, we provide free information and support to the nearly 1 million people who call us at 1-800-227-2345." 

Here is a link to the ACS contact info page.

Alternative Treatment and Prevention Information

Thank you to Robin for the information below.

Here are the links to the notes for Ty Bollinger's series interviewing experts and patients on natural treatments for cancer - this is for the first one, Quest for the Cures Continues - an 11-part documentary: 

And here's the 2nd one, a 9-part series, in which Ty travels internationally to interview experts and patients who have successfully treated cancer.

Razi Berry's Natural Cancer Prevention Summit - she interviews experts about what to do naturally when facing a cancer diagnosis. - all summits can be purchased.

Notes from patients to assist you.  Click Here

Update- May 2017
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