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News- August 11, 2019

Military Disability Ratings For

Lyme & Tick Borne Diseases


Tick Prevention

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Number of Pets

Testing Positive In

Your State & County


Dr. Richard Horowitz

Redefining Medicine

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Unfit For Duty From

Debilitating Tick Borne Disease


Babesiosis As The Cause

Of A False-Positive HIV Test


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New German Guidelines

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New Lyme Vaccine Coming Soon

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Lyme Patients Trampled On Again

No Voice, No Choice


Lyme Patients That Pose

A Suicide Risk

Need Better Treatment


Tick Borne Diseases

Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment


CHRONIC Lyme Disease

Now Has An Official Definition!


2/3 of People With Lyme Disease

Fail Standard Treatment Protocols

Excellent Video


Hurricane Season Starts June 1st

Our Detailed Lists & Reminders

Will Help You Be Prepared



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Dr. Joseph J. Burrascano, Jr.

1993 Video- 3 Minutes

Senate Testimony

Lyme Conspiracy


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Galaxy Lab Tests For 47 Species of

Disease Causing Organisms


Free Tick Testing

USA Study


Military Lyme Support

Face Book Page

Face Book Page


How Long To Transmit Lyme?

From A Tick To You


Is Lyme The Next AIDS?

Sexual Transmission & More


Something Bugging You?

DIY- Bug & Pest Traps


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With Lyme & Tick Borne Disease Issues

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