User Comments

These comments are from actual customers who purchased AlterImage and are using it in their practice for cosmetic simulation. They have received no payment or discount for providing their comments and none has any financial interest in Seattle Software Design.

Maliniac Keynote Lecturers of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)

Maliniac Keynote Lecturer - Dr. José Guerrerosantos (RIP), Guadalajara, Mexico

My patients and I are happy to be using AlterImage. Now I can pre-operatively orient my patients to post-operative results.

Maliniac Keynote Lecturer - Dr. Wolfgang Mühlbauer, Munich, Germany

I've been using AlterImage for several years. It's excellent. We have 3 different programs and AlterImage is the best. It's very easy to handle for a non-expert.

Maliniac Keynote Lecturer - Dr. Daniel Marchac (RIP), Paris, France

I am very pleased with AlterImage. It helps me with the planning of surgery.

President, 2013-2014 of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry - Dr. Jack Ringer, DDS, Anaheim, CA

"I have been using AlterImage in my practice for several years. I feel computer simulation is a necessity for delivering successful cosmetic dentistry, so having chair-side software like AlterImage is as important for my cosmetic dentistry as having a hand piece for my restorative dentistry!"

Customer feedback

We've been using AlterImage for years and it has always provided us with the necessary tools for good patient/doctor communications. It is especially useful for rhinoplasty. And patients love it! - Patrick Tonnard & Alexis Verpaele, Ghent, Belgium

I bought AlterImage about 1 year ago after having experimented with several other similar programs. I was attracted by its effectiveness and attractive price. After using AlterImage, I realize that it has met my expectations in a very clear and simple way. It is very easy to learn to use and it gives perfectly morphed images. AlterImage has become a very important instrument complementing my work. - Dr. Giovanni Botti, Brescia, Italy

I find AlterImage easy, attractive, and efficient for setting up my surgical plans. - Dr. Kitaro Ohmori, Tokyo, Japan

I have had AlterImage for 2 years in my private office and in my plastic surgery unit in Vienna. I have other medical morphing programs but AlterImage is the best. - Dr. Jürgen Holle, Vienna, Austria

“I can’t say enough great things about AlterImage. Have been using it in my practice for years….it just simplifies the entire pre-operative assessment and morphing simulation. A very powerful and intuitive tool that every cosmetic surgeon should have in their tool bag. Really blows away the competition!” – Dr. William M. Portnoy, New York, NY, USA

AlterImage is a great tool for patient discussions, especially for changes to the face. Once you learn how to use it, it really helps you to communicate. And good communication, as we all know, is the best way to stay out of trouble and to please your patients. - Dr. Claes Lauritzen, Göteborg, Sweden

AlterImage is very useful in my consultation. It is very easy to use. - Dr. Jacques Ohana, Paris, France

I have used AlterImage for years and love it! I have several licenses. – Dr. Brian Buinewicz, Doylestown, PA, USA

I love this simple and easy to use software and appreciate Seattle Software so much – Dr. Jin-Joo Hong, Seoul, Korea

I really appreciate your customer service. You have been more than kind! I will purchase another license soon. - Dr. Sam Naficy, Bellevue, WA USA

I'm very happy with AlterImage. It's superb. A very clever package. - Dr. Matt Erdmann, Durham, England

I have been using AlterImage for 3 years. I am happy to use it in difficult cases where I can plan and show patients what I intend to do. - Dr. Fernando Magallanes, Mexico City, Mexico

I'm quite happy with AlterImage. It's uncluttered. You have the essentials. It's easy to use. - Dr. Jorma Rautio, Helsinki, Finland

I am very pleased with AlterImage. It is affordable yet powerful morphing software. - Dr. Philip Miller, New York, NY, USA

I am very glad to have AlterImage in my office. It has increased my success because it helps the nose patient understand what he/she wants to have changed. - Dr. Gürhan Özcan, Istanbul, Turkey

With AlterImage, you can better show the patient what you are doing and why you are doing it, especially with the profile of the nose. And the patients can decide if they like the look for themselves. - Dr. Johannes Bruck, Berlin, Germany

AlterImage has paid for itself many times over. I recommend it to my colleagues. - Dr. Richard Moss, Plymouth, MA, USA

Your excellent AlterImage software helps me so much in my daily work with my patients. - Dr. Klaus Böheim, St. Pölten, Austria

AlterImage works wonderfully. Simple, effective and easy interface. Great support. - Dr. V. Sudhaker Prasad, Hyderbad, India

I love the way AlterImage works - its so simple. - Dr. Jourdan Gottlieb, Seattle, WA, USA

AlterImage is the best program that I have seen. Congratulations. It is very useful in my work. - Dr. Gustavo Zamitiz Bonilla Z., Mexico City, Mexico

I am very satisfied with the usefulness of AlterImage and I recommend it to my friends. - Dr. Katsuya Takasu, Nagoya, Japan

AlterImage has been very useful to me over the years. And after recently considering the purchase of a $40k 3D morphing system from a major medical imaging company, I believe that AlterImage better meets both my needs and my patients’ needs. – Dr. Anthony Lockwood, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

AlterImage is easy to use, even for doctors who are not computer experts, like me. - Dr. Ewaldo de Souza Pinto, São Paulo, Brasil

AlterImage is simply the best there is. No other morphing software is as quick and easy to use. The software does all the blending for you. It's quick, easy and inexpensive - what a combination! - Dr. Brian C. Harsha, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA

It is a pleasure dealing with such a good customer service-oriented company. - Dr. Tarek Copty, Amman, Jordan

Regarding your recent technical support, you guys are the greatest - Thanks. - Dr. Bradley R. Reese, Orlando, FL, USA

We really love AlterImage! So simple and so helpful for our patients. - Dr. Bart van de Ven, Gent, Belgium

I really appreciate your kindness … and I like using AlterImage very much!, Dr. Kjell-Ove Sällström, Stockholm, Sweden

AlterImage is the best morphing software for plastic surgeons. - Dr. Robson Moreira, Umuarama, Brazil

I really love AlterImage - I think it's great. I use it for every rhinoplasty consult. It's so easy to use. - Dr. Andrew Cohen, Los Angeles, CA, USA

I have used AlterImage for several years on my Apple Mac using Parallels and it works well - I have been very happy with it. - Dr. Matthew Hansen, Perth, Australia

AlterImage works very well - and you have the best customer service. - Dr. Shao-lung Cheng, Taipei, Taiwan

AlterImage is jolly good. I've seen the more expensive programs but AlterImage does everything I need. - Dr. Christopher Thomson, Christchurch, New Zealand

I'm very glad that I bought AlterImage. I've gotten my purchase price back many times through increased closure rate. - Dr. Richard Moss, Plymouth, MA, USA

I use AlterImage every day. Its perfect for communication with the patient as it helps the patient better understand the upcoming surgery. And I like how it makes the consultation more interactive. - Dr. Dominique Rheims, Paris, France

I have 2 AlterImage licenses and I highly recommend AlterImage to my collegues. - Dr. Rony Moscona, Haifa, Israel

I really like AlterImage. It does everything you could ask it to do and at a very fair price. The telephone support was appreciated greatly. - Dr. Marc Salzman, Louisville, KY, USA

I love AlterImage. It's the best. It takes me just 30 seconds to perform simulations right in front of a patient. - Dr. Claudio Kirschbaum, Lima, Peru

I have used AlterImage for about 2 years now and it does essentially everything that systems costing 5 to 10 times as much can do. And with great support too. - Dr. Steven Mobley, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

I am very, very happy with AlterImage. It is a simple tool with a very short learning curve. - Dr. Hans Peter Frey, Lucerne, Switzerland

I thoroughly enjoy AlterImage for its simplicity and intuitive design. One can perform good image morphs right out of the box and the price is extremely fair!! - Dr. Myron M. Persoff, Miami, FL, USA

I have another $15,000 system but now I am using only AlterImage. I find AlterImage easy, fast, and less time-consuming. - Dr. Raphael Gabay, Philadelphia, PA, USA

I have used AIterImage for 3 years and I find it simple to use and effective. It's intuitive and easy for patients to understand. It does it's job very well. - Dr. Peter Hayward, Westmead (Sydney), Australia

I've been using AlterImage for nearly 10 years and, compared with the competition, AlterImage continues to be the best. - Dr. Carlos Gomez-Mendoza, Guadalajara, Mexico

AlterImage is the most cost-effective morphing system available. - Dr. Ben Van Raalte, Davenport, Iowa, USA

I am very happy with AlterImage. It works very well and my patients and I like using it. I recommend it to my friends. - Dr. Ferhat Erisir, Istanbul, Turkey

I find AlterImage very helpful with surgical planning. And it works great on my iMac using Parallels. - Dr. Vladimir Vazquez, Mexico City, Mexico

I thoroughly enjoy using AlterImage. It is the best I've seen and it works effectively. I like using it in front of my patients. - Dr. Joseph Togba, Oakland, CA, USA

We very much appreciate the AlterImage software - high quality in all aspects. - Dr. Robert Ley, Brussels, Belgium

I've been using AlterImage for years. I love it - its so easy to use. - Dr. Jonathan Hall, Stoneham, MA, USA

AlterImage - easy to use, at a reasonable price. - Dr. Keizo Fukuta, Tokyo, Japan

After 12 years, I am still very happy with AlterImage with no plans to change to anything else. - Dr. Theodore Voukidis, Athens, Greece

Thank you!!!! I love your AlterImage software. Keep up the great work. - Dr. Michael Salzhauer, Bal Harbour, FL, USA

AlterImage is a great tool for my practice. My patients tell their friends about the computer imaging I offer. - Dr. Javier Dibildox, San Luis Potosi, Mexico

I have been very satisfied with AlterImage over the last two years. It is an excellent imaging tool which facilitates communication with patients and preoperative planning. And even with its great utility and power, the cost is a fraction of its competitors. - Dr. John G. Westine, Delray Beach, FL, USA

I really love AlterImage. It is fantastic! And not expensive! It is very simple to use, and the altered image is very precise - when I magnify the altered view, the result is amazing! There are some similar programs but I've never seen one as good as AlterImage. - Dr. Young Kyoon Kim, Seoul, South Korea

I have been using AlterImage from the start and I find it to be a very valuable tool with my aging-face and rhinoplasty patients. - Dr. Paul S. Nassif, Beverly Hills, CA, USA

I am thoroughly impressed with AlterImage - congrats to all those who designed it. - Dr Satish H V, Mysore, India

I've been using AlterImage regularly for all my rhinoplasty patients, as well as for many facial procedures, and it has become an indispensable tool. - Dr. Lucian Ion, London, England

I love AlterImage. Its better than the competition. I use it for my 3D image morphing. It is simple to use. I use it on my tablet PC. - Dr. Emmanuella Joseph, Decatur, IL, USA

I have been using AlterImage for year and I am very, very happy with it. It is easy to use and quick. And it helps my patients a lot. - Dr. Stefan Piccolo, Rome, Italy

I have other medical imaging software but AlterImage is the easiest to use and the best. - Dr. Sameer Ali Bafaqeeh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

We have had AlterImage in our practice for over a year and it has been a great selling tool. Extremely easy to use. - Dr. Lawrence Fliegelman, Fairfield, CT, USA

AlterImage is so logical, so simple - my patients love it. - Dr. Mohammad Jawad, Edinburgh, Scotland

AlterImage is so easy to use, you can do it right in front of the patient. AlterImage helps you evaluate changes that need to be made to achieve the desired result. - Dr. R. Gwyn Morgan, Adalaide, Australia

AlterImage is really awesome - I'm very happy with it. - Dr. Christopher Saunders, Wilmington, DE, USA

Since we introduced AlterImage into our practice, patients are better able to tell us what they wish from their surgery. And our computer technician can work faster, easier, and more precisely. - Drs. Fernando & Lina Pedroza, Bogotá, Colombia

AlterImage is a very intuitive, easy-to-use system that anyone can master in a short period of time. It is also very competitively priced compared to most other systems I have evaluated. - Dr. Harrison Putman, Peoria, IL, USA

AlterImage is fantastic - its so simple. - Dr. Christos Michaelides, Nicosia, Cyprus

I am very happy with AlterImage - I use it all the time. - Dr. Claudio Thomas-Bas, Santiago, Chile

I've been using AlterImage for 3 years. It is extremely useful for informing patients about possible outcomes. I recommend it without any reservations. - Dr. R. Dean Glassman, Jacksonville, FL, USA

I used to use Photoshop but it was too time-consuming, difficult, and complicated. Now I am using AlterImage and find it simple and user-friendly. When my hard drive crashed, a new password was sent to me right away. Customer service has been very prompt whenever I needed it. - Dr. Lakshyajit Dhami, Mumbai, India

AlterImage is a good tool for communicating with the patient and helps me perform the procedures. And it has helped increase my number of rhinoplasty patients. - Dr. Frederic Rivoalan, Lyon, France

Every patient who has seen their rhinoplasty simulation has decided to proceed with the procedure. I really appreciate the fair price of AlterImage. - Dr. G. Joseph Parell, Panama City, FL, USA

I have been working with AlterImage since 1999 and I'm very happy with it. - Dr. Jan Restel, Düsseldorf, Germany

The AlterImage program is a great tool that should be in all plastic surgeons’ hands. It's fast, simple and easy to manage. It is a big help for a better understanding between patient and surgeon. - Dr. Rodrigo Vildosola, Mexicali, Mexico

AlterImage is excellent. Thank you from me and my patients. - Dr. Manuel Ramos, Chula Vista, CA, USA

AlterImage is a complete, easy-to-use, image morphing program for planning aesthetic facial surgery, with an excellent cost/benefit relationship. - Dr. Pedro Cavalcanti, Natal, Brazil

AlterImage is a tool which I need everyday. It helps patients imagine how a possible postoperative result will look. I am very satisfied with it and I think patients appreciate it. - Dr. Mark Nussberger, Basel, Switzerland

I had used an expensive alternative but I really prefer AlterImage because it is easier to use and the price is so reasonable. And I have found the upgrades very worthwhile. - Dr. Ralph Cozart, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA

AlterImage is very fast and easy to use. - Dr. Paul Downie, Gold Coast, Australia

I found the AlterImage computer imaging software very easy to use. It has been a big help to my practice, particularly in helping the patients in making decisions for surgeries. - Dr. Joseph K. Wong, Toronto, Canada

I owe a lot to AlterImage in my practice. And I lecture on its value in the diagnosis & planning of aesthetic surgery. - Dr. Rakesh Kalra, Dehradun, India

AlterImage is a great program and doesn't need any special training. I have 2 cosmetic surgery simulation programs but I always carry the AlterImage program with me. - Dr. Samir Srouji, Camp Hill, PA, USA

Before getting AlterImage, I used Adobe Photoshop which is great but using it for morphing an image is time consuming and I had to take a course to learn how to use Photoshop. The AlterImage tutorial is fabulous - short and simple. And after going through the tutorial, in half an hour I was able to use AlterImage. With AlterImage I can present to the patient her/his post-operative simulation in a few seconds. Prospective patients are fond of it. - Dr. Barbara Cokl, Ljubljana, Slovenia

I have found AlterImage to be an invaluable pre-operative communication tool, especially with my rhinoplasty patients. We all know that "I want it a little smaller, but not TOO small" can have vastly different meanings to different patients. With AlterImage, how much change they REALLY want (and how much they consider too much) can be defined before surgery. This translates to more satisfied patients after surgery. - Dr. James Aachen-Winans, Las Vegas, NV, USA

AlterImage is an excellent program and very user-friendly. I tell lots of other plastic surgeons about it. You can't beat the price compared to other systems. - Dr. Warwick Nettle, Sydney, Australia

AlterImage is an amazing program. The tools are very simple and useful and my patients are very happy to see the changes. - Dr. Otto Ziegler, San Isidro, Peru

I have been using AlterImage for the last 5 years. It is easier to use than a much more expensive imaging program that I also have. - Dr. Raul Lopez, McAllen, TX, USA

AlterImage is very, very good. It is easy to make before and after simulations. - Dr. Bernard Kevorkian, Marseille, France

I’ve been using this marvelous software for about 10 years. - Dr. Yuichi Kogiso, Nagoya, Japan

Now, we can show our clients their own pictures and explain to them how they would look like before and after surgery. It is very convincing and most clients are happy to have the surgery. AlterImage has not only helped us to please our customers and convince them how our surgery could enhance their beauty, but it has helped us to boost our business also. - Dr. Benjamin George, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I've been using AlterImage for years and it is a lot easier to use than any other imaging program and is compatible with any image archiving program. And the price is good too. - Dr. Manuel Peña, Naples, FL, USA

I find AlterImage very easy to use and I have several licenses. - Dr. Neera Maini, London, England

AlterImage is very easy to use and is not expensive. I bought it to try and now I need it to work every day. It is very useful to show a simulated result, so the patient can have an idea of the surgery results. When I make a simulation with a nose surgery, if a chin augmentation is needed and the patient sees the possible results, it's almost sure that they will want the surgery to be performed. - Dr. Manuel Tarrazo T., Madrid, Spain

AlterImage is a very good program that has all the tools that we need in our practice. And it is not cluttered with unnecessary features that we don't need. - Dr. Sergey V. Nudelman, Ekaterinburg, Russia

AlterImage is very fast. You don't need to go through too many steps. - Dr. Shrirang Pandit, Pune, India

AlterImage is very easy to learn and to use. It gives me an easy way to bring pre-op and simulation into the OR. - Dr. Daniel Jacubovsky, Santiago, Chile

AlterImage works great. I am very pleased with it. - Dr. Steve Macht, Washington DC, USA

I love the AlterImage program. - Dr. C. D. Bakala, Kelowna, BC, Canada

I've been using AlterImage for years. It's a great tool. I like the simplicity and appreciate the flexible file formats. - Dr. Shiv Shankar Saha, New Delhi, India

I find that all I need to do and want to do, I can do with AlterImage. - Dr. Stephen Chan, West Perth, Australia

AlterImage is very helpful showing patients my ideas and planning surgery. After seeing the simulation, the patient leaves convinced that I understood what they wanted. - Dr. Antonio Aldo Mottura, Córdoba, Argentina

AlterImage is very good. I am very happy and my patients are too. - Dr. David Rouach, Grenoble, France

AlterImage is simple to use and accurate. The patients smile right away when they can see their new image. - Dr. Diae Mohamed Diab, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

AlterImage is the best investment I have made since opening my practice nearly one year ago. - Dr. William H. Lindsey, Reston, VA, USA

I think it's a great product. - Dr. Dan Goldberg, London, England

I am very happy with AlterImage - and the patients like it. - Dr. Daniel à Wengen, Basel, Switzerland

You are numero uno! This is the most powerful tool I use!! I am very glad I purchased AlterImage and I tell my friends about it. - Dr. Jorge Miranda, Guayaquil, Ecuador

I really love AlterImage. Its easy to use and intuitive. - Dr. Lou Gallia, Sacramento, CA, USA

AlterImage is a really good program. It's easy and it's fast. - Dr. George Sulamanidze, Moscow, Russia

I love AlterImage. It does everything you want to do at a reasonable price. I am using it on a Mac with Virtual PC. - Dr. Jonathan Hall, Wakefield, MA, USA

AlterImage is very good. I recommend it to my colleagues. - Dr. Miguel Alarcón, D.F., Mexico

I'm able to use AlterImage on a Mac. Version 2.11 runs on a 500Mhz G4 PowerMac with Virtual PC 4.0. Importing pictures is no problem at all and working with the program is easy. - Dr. Roger Gmuer, Berne, Switzerland

AlterImage is simple yet elegant. As a skilled Photoshop user, I find AlterImage easy to learn, fast to use, and it produces elegant visuals that appeal to patients. - Kevin McBride, DDS, Dallas, TX, USA

Give me a dental case and AlterImage, and in 15 minutes, I can make it look awesome. - Thomas Sims, DDS, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Thank you for your help and consideration in using AlterImage. I have enjoyed using your product! - Andrew E. Swenda Jr, DMD, West Chester, PA, USA

AlterImage is such a simple program, it is used by all my team members. Just the whitening tool alone increased our whitening business by 400%. And it's quick! - Anoop Maini, DDS, London, England