Future breedings:
        Spook/Buster - December '2017 (Miniature) 
        Twinkle/Bumble - January '2018 (Toy)
        Zippee/Bumble - March '2018 (Small Miniature)
        Kia/Dundee - April '2018   (Miniature)
           Puppy prices:   
                       Toy/Small Miniature $1,100  
                            * mature adult weight  7-12 lbs
                      Miniature:   $950
                            * mature adult weight 14-20 lbs
                                     Toy Schnauzers
                      Born:  November 13th, 2017
                             Dam:  Jazz      Sire: Bumble
                 Melody - liver parti  female            *reserved
                   Rhapsody - black female                *reserved
                      Harmony - black parti female   *available

                                  Toy Schnauzers  
                                Born:  October 7th, 2017
                             Dam:  Lily       Sire:  Bumble


          * these pups were named in honour of Lily's human
              Mom, who is a runner!  Welcome Saucony, Nike
                            & Mizuno ♥ xo  * these pups have joined
                              great families!!!


                               Miniature Schnauzers
                              Born:  June 30th, 2017
                                  Dam:  Spook    Sire:  Buster
                     These seven puppies we've given Canadian
                 names in honour of Canada's 150th Birthday!!!
                               * six puppies have joined great families and
                             Spirit  (now Quest) will join our breeding program

     Moose - liver male, Timbit - black male, Maple - liver parti  
         female, Toonie - liver male, Whistler - liver/tan male,
       Schooner - black/white parti male, Spirit - liver female

                                      Toy Schnauzers
                                   Born:  April 21st, 2017
                              Dam:  Zippee   Sire:  Rango
                                 * all puppies in this litter are sold  

Maui, Abbie, Daisy & Allie will be joining their new
families on Father's Day weekend

                                  Toy Schnauzers
                               Born:  March 20th, 2017
                         Dam:  Skipper      Sire:  Bumble
                              * all puppies in this litter are sold

                  Skye, Chase, Rocky & Rubble will be joining
                  their new families on Mother's Day weekend
                            Miniature Schnauzers
                      Born: November 12th/2016
                             Dam:  Spook     Sire:  Buster

Oscar, Gretschen, Cadence and
Kona  have joined their new families.
Kia - will be joining our breeding program 

                            Miniature & Toy Schnauzers
                                    Born - February 18th/2016 
                                  Dam:  Zippee    Sire:  Rango
        Lily, Duke, River and Scout have joined their new 
    families. Twinkle will be part of our breeding program.

                  Toy & Miniature Schnauzers
                                   Born - July 12th, 2015
                            Dam:  Struedel      Sire:  Rango

                                                    " Hank " 
                                       Black/white Parti male
                          Hank is a new addition to the Limburg family ...
                        this handsome lil' guy will be part of our breeding program

 " Rolo " 
 Liver/pepper Parti female
SOLD to the Lentini family, Ottawa
(The Lentini family already have a Schnauzer pup from us and just couldn't
resist another furkid to LOVE!!!!!)

     Black/white Parti female has joined the Kenna family and will be
part of our breeding program. 

                          Toy & Miniature Schnauzers
                                Born:  July 6th, 2015
                                Dam:  Zippee    Sire:   Rango 

                               Abby - Liver/white Parti
                        SOLD to the Oliveira family, Toronto

Loki - Black/white Parti male
SOLD to the Ward family, Nova Scotia

Stella - Liver/white Parti female
SOLD to the Huard family, Orleans

Jazz - Black/white Parti female
is a spoiled Princess to the Goulet family and joins
 our breeding program


Miniature Schnauzer pups 
Litter born - May 29, 2015
Dam: Mazzie    Sire:  Ryder

"Zuma"  - Black male
SOLD to the Mackey family, Kingston, ON

"Spook" - Black female
Spook will be joining our breeding program

"Knight" - Black male
SOLD to the Imrie family, Maitland, ON

"Smudger"  - Salt/Pepper male
 Smudger will be joining our breeding program

"Jack" - Black male
SOLD to the Migneault family, Quebec

Miniature Schnauzer Pup
Born:  March 6, 2015
Salt/Pepper Parti
Dam:  Haley   Sire:  Ryder

* Cash has joined the breeding program with Catherine's Toy & Miniature Schnauzers in
Mission, B.C.

 Miniature Schnauzer Pups
Liver Parti and Liver/Pepper Parti colours
Born - October 21st, 2014
Dam:  Struedel      Sire:  Ryder
* puppies in this litter are sold

L-R  Tennessee, Arizona, Montana, Pheonix and Houston


Miniature Schnauzer Pups 
Liver & Liver/pepper Parti 's
Born - August 23, 2013 
Dam: Struedel     Sire: Ryder
Castle, Beckett, Ziva & Abby have joined wonderful families
Zippee will be joining our breeding program


Miniature Schnauzer Pups 
Born - Janurary 16, 2013 
Dam: Mazzie      Sire: Buzzy
All puppies have been placed with great
All puppies are raised in our home,  registered and come with a one year 
 health guarantee, health exam, 1st vaccination and micro-chip.

For more information or to be put on our waiting list ...

Please contact
Kim @ 613-652-4974  (home)
         613-803-8153  (cell)

 Puppies  are  placed with families on a non-breeding contract and are to be spayed/neutered. A copy of sterilization must be provided to breeder - failure to do so will void your health guarantee.