K9 Kuddles Sir Cheif

     Ryder is our super coated Liver parti boy.  He has
spunky personality and LOVES everyone!!!!

White's Wingman


     This handsome Salt & Pepper boy not only has good looks but he's 
Mr. Personality!! We're very excited to have him join our breeding
program.  Smudger is a pup from our Mazzie/Ryder litter.
A new companion for Michael, ex-military ... hence the name,
White's Wingman!!

White's Hanky Panky

This handsome little guy  is a Black & White  parti pup from our
Struedel/Rango litter. Hank is fostering with a wonderful
family and has two new humans siblings, Charlie and Toby who adore him!! We're thrilled to have Hank as part of our breeding program.

Menolly's Dennis the Menace
" Mr. Wilson"

This adorable White (chocolate) male joins our breeding
 program from Catherine's Toy & Miniature Schnauzers.
"Wilson" is fostering with the Imrie family and has new big
Schnauzer brother "Knight" to play with! 


 White's Masquerade Ball


Rango is "King of Playtime"  ... he loves to play and

entertains himself and everyone else in the process! 

    This handsome boy is  father to some very beautiful babies.  

Thanks to the Mustard family for being such great fosters !!!

                Menolly's Life of the Party  
                                " Bumble"

This adorable Chocolate boy joins our breeding program from
Catherine's Toy & Miniature Schnauzers, Mission, B.C. 
"Bumble" is high energy and the life of the party!
Super snuggly and gives awesome kisses!! 

White's Zippity-do-dah


Zippee (aka Zipper, Zip) loves to zoom in the yard and although quick
as lightening ... this girl is definitely a lap dog!! She is a super coated
Liver parti that not only is she the spitting image of her
dad, Ryder but she has his amazing temperament too! ♥
Zippee lives with the Jollota family who share her in
our breeding program .

White's Black Magic

         Spook is our stunning super coated, Black female  from our
               Mazzie/Ryder litter.  This sweetheart is a "love sponge" ... 
                      always wanting to cuddle and be on your lap!!

                  White's  Kickin' Up My Heels

Kia, is a super coated liver/tan female
from our Spook/Buster litter. We are looking
forward to this sweet girl producing some
gorgeous puppies.


White's Malibu Skipper

        Skipper is a Black/White parti female from our Struedel/Rango
            litter. She is being fostered by a wonderful family who will
                   share her for our breeding program. Tommy whispers in
                         her ear "You're going to make a great Mommy to your babies" ...... how cute is that!!!!!

 White's Musical Dream

                  Jazz loves to live it up! She is a Black/White parti
                 with gorgeous ticking.  Jazz is from our Zippee/Rango
                 litter. She is the spoiled Princess of the Goulet family
                                  and part of our breeding program.

                                     White's Serendipity

               Lily  is a gorgeous super coated Black/White parti 
              born  here at All Canadian Schnauzers.  She is living with
        the Hutchison family in Ottawa and we're thrilled to have her
                                   as part of our breeding program.

                                White's Wish Upon a Star

                    Twinkle aka Snow, is a stunning super coated
               Liver parti with sweet temperament ... loves to snuggle
                   and give kisses!  Twinkle is fostering with a wonderful
                      family, a Schnauzer pal, Bengal cat and Scottish 
                                                         Fold kitten  ♥♥

               White's Crocodile Dundee

           Dundee is the funniest little guy... he bounces on
                all fours from side to side in excitement!!  This sweet
                   Salt & Pepper boy joins our breeding program from 
            Our Treasured Pups in Nova Scotia. Dundee, aka Franklin
             has joined Meghan and her family, along with Schnauzer
                    brother, Eddie and Westie brother, Finnegan.

Menolly's Heart Breaker

    Buster is truly a heart breaker, winning the hearts of those
  who meet him ... we're excited this gorgeous Liver & Tan boy has
         joined our breeding program. Buster comes to us from
Catherine's Toy and Miniature Schnauzers,
Mission, B.C.

                    K9 Kuddles Mz Haley
Haley is a beautiful Salt & Pepper parti with super sweet
temperament and she's an excellent Mom to her puppies!!
White's Spoonful of Sugar

  Struedel is our spunky little go-getter!  She is always boucing around,

     happily wagging her tail.  She is a super coated Liver/ Pepper Parti.   

White's Whispering Raine



Whisper is our gentle soul!  The most amazing mom and super

doting companion!  She came to us from Stormy Hill Schnauzers.


White's Putting on the Glitz



 Super intelligent, spunky and a real little cuddle bug!

Mazzie is our White girl, weighing in at 17 lbs.