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patch notes

Version 1.1 Notes

-Added easy/normal/hard difficulty for newly created characters (previously saved characters are converted to easy)
-Level Cap increased to 12
-Unlocked Area 3, consisting of 3 combat zones, 24 new monsters, and a new town with an Inn
-Over 20 new quests added for Area 3
-15 Different types of Charms are available, starting at level 7
-Players can now challenge a level trainer without resting before hand
-Fixed a bug that allows a corrupted 1.0 player become playable
-Added color to log
-Fixed long log to be scrollable and layered above other objects
-Modified several abilities to scale in power with the character's level

-Kick Dirt: 70% Chance (not 100%)
-Warrior: +1 AP at level 2,4,6,9
-"Electoral Butterflies" available at level 8 (not 9)
-Desperate Lunge: HP < 5, AP Cost 1 (not < 2 and 5)

Version 0.54 Notes

-Fixed issue with success chance of abilities

-Added AP cost to description of abilities in the ability list

-Modified Level Up rewards, specifically the Warrior can now afford to pay for their level 2 ability

-Corrected bug where all options would become disabled if clicking explore/hit/rez very fast

-added 'Quests' button to stats screen, between 'Inventory' and 'Exit', upon clicking players can see a list of their current quests

-quest system is unlocked: players can accept 8 quests from 3 different NPC's at the Tavern, to be completed at the forest or river

-due to increased xp awarded from the quests, the xp required to level-up has been increased

Version .432 Notes

-fixed issue where player's weren't given credit for the value of their current weapon while buying a new one

-leveling up now adds to player's max HP and max AP an amount determined by their class

-fixed bug that prevented player from engaging a monster that attacked them while resting (only run was available), if the player was in the stats screen while resting and was attacked

-Rogue Level 2 ability "Steal" is now enabled

-Warrior Level 2 ability "Raw Strength" is now enabled

-Warrior level 3 ability "Jackals Welp" is now enabled

-Ability list now displays what the ability does next to the ability name

-When failing to defeat a Class Master, you are now returned to their shop for rebuke, instead of a random town.

-Corrected incorrect math where the inverse of the success of an ability was calculated rather than the correct success probability

Version .421 Beta Notes

-added cleanup code for each scene's widgets

-inventory button loads a new scene which displays player's current inventory (note that items are not yet created, so none will show up)

-player name is limited to 9 characters, preventing bleed over onto other game elements

-removed monster image layer while viewing the long log during combat

-added brief descriptions while entering new zones

-changed combat log so that it has 5 lines instead of 4

-fixed bug that allowed you to continue purchasing the same weapon, and going into unlimited negative gold

-added text "Weapon Purchased!" to blacksmith screen after purchasing a weapon

-monster name and level text are now layered over a dark red bar, so the text is easier to read

-added class-specific player avatars in the stat (char info) screen

-the screen is now 'movable' -we will try to see if this is preferred to the fixed screen.  This allows the game elements to be repositioned if a notification appears at the bottom of the screen - obstructing buttons

-fixed bug that prevented player from attacking a monster that was stunned with a fireball ability