Wizards RPG, originally released on the Palm Pre in 2009, was the first game I made. Obviously I'm not an artist and had to have an old friend help out with the drawings.

Gameplay begins in one of 4 towns.  From there the player can visit the Lodge (get quests), Class Master (fight to level up), Inn (rest and heal), or the Blacksmith (buy weapons, armor, charms).  These screenshots were taken from one of the first version released on the Palm Pre.

When you leave the town, you appear on a path that leads to three destinations: two combat zones, and return to the town you came from. Since there are four towns in the game, this meant that there were 8 zones where the player can fight monsters and complete quests.  From this screen players can access the world map to travel to a different town, or setup a camp and get robbed by gypsies while regaining health.

Combat in Wizards 1 was pretty simple. You either perform a basic attack with your weapon, or use one of 18 abilities gained throughout the game. Each ability performs a unique attack against the monster.  Abilities have a chance of failing, and cost AP to use. You can try to run away, but will probably fail and die.  The monsters attack with a 'hit' and no abilities.  This was definitely one thing that we wanted to change for Wizards 2.

The blacksmith screen shown here was before charms were added to the game.  Each weapon and armor has a set of stats that affect it.  Wizards 1 underwent a fairly large expansion a few months after it was released, adding the 4th town zone, several stronger weapons and armor, an increase of the level cap, the introduction of charms, and the ability to fight the end game bosses repeatedly.  It also introduced leaderboards and stat tracking of players.

Wizards 1 featured some of the coolest monsters ever


Juvenile Genie

Daring Hobo

Oblivious Lich

Gun Toting Cultist

Brain Howler

Depressed Zombie

Mad Gypsy

Tentacled Mutant

Ghastly Woman

Name Level Effect 
Warrior Basic Stun Apply 2 turn stun 
Warrior   Raw StrengthDoubles Strength for 2turns
Warrior   Jackal's Welp 3Lowers the strength of the enemy by 1 for 3 turns 
Warrior   Big BlockBlock the next 7 damage 
Warrior  Mind Over Matter Heal 10 health 
Warrior  Smackdown Deal 50 damage 
Wizard Small Fireball Deal 3-7 damage 
Wizard  InfernoDeal 6-14 damage 
Wizard  ParadoxApply 2 turn stun 
Wizard  Ice ShieldBlock the next 9 damage 
Wizard  Experimental SpellEnemy becomes a level 1-3(75%) or 7-9(25%
Wizard  Curse of Agnis3 ongoing dmg/turn 
 RogueKick Dirt next hit becomes a crit 
Rogue   Fatal Jab2 ongoing dmg/turn 
Rogue   Perfect Dodgedodge next 3 attacks 
Rogue   First AidGain 15 health 
Rogue   Mystifycreature level is lowered by 2 
Rogue   Desperate lungeinstant kill creature if player has < 2 health 

Here are some of the NPCs and their problems:

Frank Burnfrost. He's kind of a know-it-all jerk, who doesn't like taking advice from other people. He will send the player on a lengthy quest chain to create a voodoo doll of the Wizard which will do absolutely nothing. 


Mary is pregnant and hopes to have her 'dream wedding' in the Jovial Forest which is riddled with monsters. She is also the recipient (through you) of a poison sent from a jealous lady in another town.

Rock Jaw is a pretty tough dude.  He hangs out near the graveyard and is attempting to figure out what is making 'all those undead come out at night'.  After doing some tasks for him, he learns that there are cultists in the tower performing very loud rituals, and you must stop them. 


The Till is a nutty old lady who has you do ridiculous things. I guess out of respect for the elderly you do them.