Nebula Menace

Nebula Menace is going to be really cool.  It's basically Wizards 2 in space, but with tons more to do.  We've even added music and sound effects!  I have no idea when it will be done.

Nebula Menace takes place in a nebula, where the player is engaged in a feud between five rival factions.  Navigation will allow players to travel to up to 4 adjacent sectors.  Trading outposts, spacedocks, planets, aliens, anomalies, and faction ships await in different sectors.

Wizards 1 and 2 had 6-8 combat zones, Nebula Menace has  40.

Faction Reputation plays a large role throughout the game. 

Ship combat will consist of using a combination of 40 unique abilities, beam and projectile weapons, against up to three enemies per battle.

Players will trade commodities for quests and personal profit, while bartering with the merchants. Dialog trees will give players multiple options while accepting and turning in quests.

Ships in nebula menace have five main parts that will be customized: shields, beams, projectile, engines, and computer. Each ship will also have a unique compliment of abilities to use during combat.