"The Tradition Continues"

AVWC Includes:

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  • 79 BC Provincial Champions
  • 382 BC Top 6 Placers
  • 42 National Champions
  • 136 National Top 6 Placers
  • 30 Representations on International Teams
  • 40 Island Team Titles
  • 15 Provincial Team Titles
  • 1 Olympian

Legends of the Valley

Walter Taylor


At the very start of it all, was Walter Taylor.

Walter Taylor was the first Alberni Wrestling coach, John McDonald's wrestling coach. One of the founding members of the Alberni Valley Wrestling Club. He is still a huge part of our Club, giving out annual bursaries to qualifying athletes.

For all your support, past, present, and future, thank you.

Tom McEvay

Father, President, Friend.

Tom McEvay has been the backbone of our wrestling club for many many years. He has served as our Club President, Director, Treasurer, and almost any position you can think of. Tom is an astonishingly friendly person, and his communicative skill is the reason for almost all of our club's success.

Tom is also the father of two successful wrestlers, Cody and Pat McEvay.

One of the ways our club honours the hard work and contributions of Tom is with the McEvay post. Every year Alberni faces off in a dual meet in fights to earn the prestigious title of McEvay Post champions, in Toms honour.

John McDonald

Head Coach, World's Placer, Fashion Icon

Johnny Mac has been the head coach of the ADSS wrestling team, and the Alberni Wrestling Club team, for a very long time. He has coached many athletes to glory and greatness, through tried and trained practice regimes, love and compassion, and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

John doesn't only make great athletes, he is a great athlete himself. In 1985, John placed 4th at the World Wrestling Championships, wrestling for Team Canada at 100kg. Despite being past his prime, John is still in great shape, and can be seen grumbling about students at ADSS, where he works as a counselor and career advisor.

In addition, he revives the 80's everyday through the power of his wardrobe. Though his fashion is out of date, it is still stylish and admirable. John makes sure to keep up with modern slang, through the power of his young and hip athletes.

Stay Gucci, captain.

James Messenger

Coach, Mentor, Leader

James was the vice-principal of EJ. Dunn Middle School, where he introduced and coached young wrestlers through the sport (until Johnny Mac got his hands on us). He was also the head coach of the Junior Club for a time. In addition to that, he has also coached the Junior and Cadet national teams (Team BC).

He is the current President of the Club, as Tom has stepped back slightly for retirement, and Mr. Messenger has stepped up to the task.

James is not just a good coach, he's also a great wrestler. During his high school career, he wrestled with Travis and the Roumanis brothers. Though he may not have the same accolades, he still has more than enough power and skill to go head-to-head with any young wrestler out there.

Alexis Roumanis

5 time Provincial placer, Honoured Camp clinician, and Author

Alexis Roumanis was one of the first wrestlers in BC to make it on the podium five consecutive years, his entire high school career. The Alberni Wrestling Club honours Alexis with the "Roumanis Perpetual Placer" award. He is a regular and featured clinician at our annual summer camp, making an appearance nearly (if not) every year.

Recently, Roumanis has taken to writing. He has composed several childrens' books on COVID-19.

Travis Cross

Celebrated Olympian, Loving Father, and Dedicated Coach

Travis Cross competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Summer Games, wrestling for Team Canada at 84kg. He is a community leader for the wrestling team, setting positive character examples, and even continuing his love of the sport by coaching wrestling at Maquinna Elementary. Not only that, Travis is the head coach of the Alberni Valley Junior Wrestling Club.

Travis Cross is not only an amazing wrestler, he is also a professional Fire Fighter, helping keep our community safe.

He can be found in the Valley trails, riding bikes with his kids.

Jordan Bodnar

Coach's Daughter, 5 time Provincial Champion

Jordan Bodnar, daughter of the illustrious and mythical Russ Bodnar (coach), is one of the only athletes ever to place first and win the BC Provincial Championships five years in a row - her entire high school career.

BCSSWA Provincial Champion 2009 - 2013

Nolan Badovinac

3 time National Champion, SFU Team Captain, Coach

Nolan Badovinac was an Alberni Wrestling powerhouse. Battling his way to three impeccable national titles and one provincial title through his high school career, Nolan carried the Alberni "no-quit" spirit to Simon Fraser University where he received a full scholarship to wrestle. His hard work and inspirational leadership skills lead him to being named team captain in his final year at SFU.

Nolan gives back to the club by coaching and inspiring the current athletes.

Nolan was a trailblazer for our team, recruiting many athletes to join our sport; including his younger brother Aaron, who also was a provincial and national champion.



Champions: Alexis Roumanis (54kg), Yorgo Roumanis (57kg), Travis Cross (66kg), Tyler Donovan (90kg), Melissa Kindratsky (57kg), Kristie Thibodeau (70kg), Jason Wolff (48kg), Krystal Dame (60kg)


Champions: Aaron Badovinac (74kg), Paige Maher (75kg), Bobby McKenzie (41kg)

In both these years, the Alberni Valley Wrestling team claimed all three banners at Provincials.

This means we had the best Boys team, the best Girls team, and the best team Overall.

Interestingly, both these years, Provincial Championships were hosted here in Port Alberni.