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Club Practices

Club practices take place every Tuesday and Thursday (unless otherwise noted in our schedule) in the upper gymnasium at Neill Middle School. High School wrestlers meet there at 6:00 pm to go on a run. Mat practices run from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm.

All wrestlers are encouraged to attend Club Practices. High school and college wrestlers are expected to attend as many practices as possible. Middle School athletes and alumni are encouraged to attend. Club practices are a great way to develop your skills by increasing your time on the mat and working with a wider variety of people.

Club practices are coached by our club's Head Coach James Messenger along with Travis Cross, Chris Bodnar, Russell Bodnar, Owen Coulthart, Nolan Badovinac and other guest coaches.

If you have any questions about attending club practice feel free to email James Messenger at


Here is a list of expectations for all club practice participants which will help make sure "the Tradition Continues":

  • Must be registered members of the BC Wrestling Association
  • Must conduct yourself in a respectful manner. Disrespecting the coaches or other athletes is not tolerated.
  • Must come prepared to work hard and learn
  • No cell phones between 6:30 - 8:00 this includes coaches and athletes
  • All participants must warm up before participating in games or wrestling activities
  • Unless injured High School Wrestlers are expected to run prior to practice