About the Australia Japan Association of South Australia Inc

The Australia Japan Association of SA Inc. was founded in 1967, more than 47 years ago, by Toyohiro Tanaka to foster and promote friendship and understanding between the people of Australia and of Japan.  It is still doing that today, although with changing times we see more of Japanese people who are in Australia to study or have a working holiday than those in business and representing Japanese companies. However, everyone is welcome, and our membership reflects a wide range of people, whose common interest is in some way connected with Japan.

If you have an interest in Japan, have been to Japan or want to go there, if you are Japanese with a similar interest in Australia, and you want to make new friends, an AJA conversation meeting is the place to go.

AJA holds conversation meetings twice a month on the first Tuesday and the third Wednesday of each month from 6 pm at the Caffé Amore on the corner of Pirie and Pulteney Streets. Here Australians and Japanese (and many others these days) of all ages meet to socialise, make some useful contacts and communicate in each other’s language.

Nowadays about 25-30 people attend our meetings and many friendships are formed in a pleasant café atmosphere where coffee or a meal is readily available. Formality is minimal and meetings end when the last people go home.  Some meetings run to a theme, such as a Melbourne Cup Hat night, a Kimono night, a quiz or even a “Talk like a Pirate” night.  Periodically our “Fine Dining Club” organises dinners at various restaurants for the culinary inclined!

As you browse our website you will find information about our activities), our calendar of events and our 47 year history. As well as casual conversation meetings twice a month, AJA is strongly involved every year in a Japanese Cultural Day at Burnside Library in July and the Matsuri on Mobara Festival with the City of Salisbury at Mawson Lakes, usually in late October. There are also links to other Australia Japan Societies all around Australia, which you may wish to visit while travelling.

One special page is an archive for past issues of Harmony, a quarterly newsletter no longer in production, which has documented many of our activities. If your friends ask you what AJA is about, the pictures and stories in them will give a fair indication.
Members and Contacts also receive the AJA Bulletin regularly, usually a few days before the next conversation meeting, but also when there is special or urgent news.

If you come along to an AJA meeting for a visit and like what you see, then become a member!  However, membership is not a prerequisite for any of our activities, although we hope you will want to belong and enjoy the discount that members gain at dinners and BBQs.  Full membership fees are  $20.00, and concession $10.00.

If you want more details of meetings, contact Jim at jlstewart@optusnet.com.au or just turn up at the Caffé Amore on any meeting night.
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Social Functions

As well as conversation meetings AJA holds a number of social functions during the year. These include a Christmas dinner and a dinner for the Annual General Meeting in August. An AJA sub-committee also organises additional outings for the new "AJA Fine Dining Club".
Barbecues in the city parklands and picnics at the beach or in the hills to enjoy cherry blossom viewing or the autumn colours are also part of our calendar.  Members can also join "Team AJA" for beach volleyball on Monday evenings.

AJA coordinates the Japanese Community group for the Multicultural SA section of the annual Australia Day Parade and is a Project Partner in Salisbury Council's Matsuri on Mobara Festival at Mawson Lakes in late October.

The official newsletter of the AJA of SA is published about four times a year and provides a record of the Association’s activities. It is called Harmony after the Japanese kanji on our logo (和 (wa), meaning harmony). Back issues of Harmony are archived on this site.


The AJA of SA is part of the National Federation of Australia Japan Societies NFAJS, which has member societies or associations throughout Australia and holds a National Conference every two years.

There is also a sister federation in Japan called the Japan Australia New Zealand Society, Inc, or JANZ, which holds conferences in alternate years to Australia’s.
Note: If your computer cannot view the Japanese on the website or the newsletters, try going to Declan Software’s Guide to Installing and Using Microsoft’s Japanese IME.