I am a senior research associate at Open Lab, Newcastle University and the director of Diwan Software and Reflective Thinking. My research focus is on educational technology looking at the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of processes and tools to enhance learning and the learning experience. I am also interested in interaction and interactive surfaces looking at the use of wearable sensors and pen and touch interactions. I am also the director of Diwan Software, a company with a long history in desktop publishing software, internationalization, advanced fonts development, and more recently with educational software. Reflective thinking, on the other hand, is a new company that I help establish with the aim of pioneering the market of technology-enhanced collaborative learning solutions.

You can email me at: ankharrufa@gmail.com

Note: So if you have searched for "Ahmed Sulaiman" and you got here, it is still me as my full name is Ahmed N. Sulaiman Kharrufa and I have some earlier papers published as Ahmed N. Sulaiman. Don't ask why! Its a long story.