I am the Director of Diwan Software and Reflective Thinking,  two software companies involved in developing state of the art softwareDiwan Software is a company with a long history in desktop publishing software, internationalization, advanced fonts development, and more recently with educational software. Reflective thinking is a new company that we have established with the aim of pioneering the market of technology-enhanced collaborative learning solutions.  In addition to management and software development, I am actively involved in research at Culture Lab, Newcastle University, as a research associate. My research interest is a continuation of my PhD work on digital tabletop technology and technology-enhanced collaborative learning. While my PhD research focused on individual groups working around tabletops, my current interest is more on the challenges of extending this to the general use of collaborative technology in the classrooms.

You can email me at: ankharrufa@gmail.com

Note: So if you have searched for "Ahmed Sulaiman" and you got here, it is still me as my full name is Ahmed N. Sulaiman Kharrufa and I have some earlier papers published as Ahmed N. Sulaiman. Don't ask why! Its a long story.