Showcasing the natural environment in glass and highlighting the message that biodiversity matters. 

An installation of over 1000 individual glass components inspired by the natural world of forests and imagined by us. 

Cabinets of Curiosity & The ‘Forest of Glass’ design

The ‘Forest of Glass’ installation resembles the medieval European "Cabinets of curiosity" that were the precursor to the modern museum. In sixteenth century Europe, monarchs, aristocrats, merchants and early scientists created 'cabinets of curiosities' to display their wealth and status. Each cabinet contained a wide range of objects, such as stuffed animals, dried insects, shells, skeletons, fossils, gemstones and paintings. Each object was wonderful in itself, and at the same time revealed the secrets of the world.

Grouping together such different objects encouraged spectators to find comparisons and analogies. What did the similarities and differences mean? What were the hidden connections between things, and between things and the natural and spiritual worlds?

In the late 18th century, the cabinet of curiosity fell out of fashion, replaced by the museum. The cabinets' magical view of the world was replaced by the Enlightenment view, emphasising reason, order, system and science; and cabinets' randomness, disorder and exploration was replaced by museums teaching order and systems to respectful visitors. 

Viewing the installation

The installation is currently on display at Festival of Glass Studio, Drysdale Community Hub, 21 - 27 Eversley St,, Drysdale, VIC 3222 Australia. 

Who participated?

Installation Crew Core Team: 

Further contributors: 

The History

This project emerged from the Festival of Glass mentorship programme in 2020/2021. 

The Festival of Glass Installation Crew

We are a team of flamework and bead glass artists. We were inspired to develop this project through our experiences during the Festival of Glass and flameworking workshops to enhance appreciation of glass art in local communities.  With the onset of COVID-19, we sought to foster community links through this project, designed to support emerging glass artists and to encourage collaboration among glass artists.

The 2020-21 Installation Crew 

From the top left - Tristan McKay, Jane Jarecki, Roxy van Beveran, Glenda Mac Naughton, BJ Johnson. 

Thanks to our 2020 - 2021 Mentorship Sponsors

The 2020/21  project in action

Roxy's 'mock up' design for a Forest of Glass installation panel

Gathering the green glass and getting ready to create sample leaves on copper wire.

Sample leaves for the Installation prepared by Glenda Mac Naughton

Jane working on leaf designs in the group journal for the Forest of Glass installation.