2020 programme

The 2020 Mentorship Programme:

Torch formed glass - FLAMEWORK: three components

  • Beginners Programme: (Glass artist - Glenda Mac Naughton, Drysdale).

  • Extending Skills with an International Glass Master: Two Mentorships to be offered to two previous mentees to extend their skills with our International Artist in Residence for 2020. (Glass artist - Mauro Bonaventura, Murano, Italy).

  • Extending Skills Torch-in: students self-select into optional lampwork sessions and a collaborative project with Glenda Mac Naughton.

Thanks to our 2019 - 2020 Mentorship Sponsors

The 2020 Program in action

Feb 2020: Roxy and Jane (right) learning by watching Mauro Bonaventura in action

Feb 2020: Roxy and Jane creating lampwork sculptures mentored by Mauro Bonaventura & Glenda Mac Naughton

Feb 2020: Roxy and Jane's sculptures

Feb 2020: The Aquarium - an installation at the 2020 Festival of Glass Expo created by Roxy with components made by Roxy and Jane with contributions from other members of the workshop.