2019 programme

The 2019 Mentorship Programme:

Torch formed glass - FLAMEWORK: three components

  • Beginners Programme: Eight Mentorships provided to VCAL students at BSC (Glass artist - Glenda Mac Naughton, Drysdale).
  • Glass Jewellery Lab: Three Mentorships offered. Two for 2018 Mentees and one to a 2019 Year 11 student (Glass artist - Davide Penso, Murano, Italy).
  • Spring Torch-in: students self-select into optional lampwork sessions and a collaborative project with Glenda Mac Naughton.

Kiln formed glass - FUSING AND SLUMPING

  • A Cohort of twelve Year 9 Christian College students completed a Beginners Slumping Programme at school with David Hobday as resident artist. For moments from the Kiln formed glass please link here - Christian College Bellarine.

Glass beading and embroidery: one component

  • Four Mentorships were offered to Year 9 students from Christian College. None were taken up.

Thanks to our 2019 - 2020 Mentorship Sponsors

The 2019 Program in action

The jewellery lab in action - Feb 2019

Learning kiln formed glass - May 2019

Learning kiln formed glass - May 2019

The jewellery lab in action - Feb 2019

Lampwork glass - May 2019

Lampwork glass - May 2018