Membrane Proteins involved in Lipid Metabolism 

Our laboratory focuses on understanding the structure-function of membrane bound enzymes involved in lipid metabolism in their native-like lipid bilayer environment of Nanodiscs.

Research in Das Lab

Research in our laboratory is highly interdisciplinary and collaborative. 

We have two primary research directions in our laboratory: 
(1) Our primary research focus is elucidating the biochemical mechanism of lipid metabolizing metalloenzymes that are involved in converting omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids into signaling molecules (eicosanoids). These molecules have been implicated in inflammation, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. 
(2) We are also developing new biochemical and biophysical methodologies to identify osteosarcoma biomarkers in human, canine (pet dogs) and rats (collaboration Prof. Timothy Fan). 

The other directions of research in our laboratory include: 
(3) Industrial collaboration focusing on redesigning diterpinoid cytochrome P450s for natural product biosynthesis in simple biological systems. 
(4) Bioengineering collaboration to make biocompatible nanoparticles for ultrasensitive detection of biological processes. 

All the above projects are empowered by the use of biochemical and biophysical techniques, basic bioengineering principles and Nanodiscs methodology.

 Das Lab Team

We are a cohesive team of four graduate students and four undergraduates. Our PI, Dr. Das obtained her Ph.D at Princeton University with Prof. Michael Hecht and post-doctoral training with Prof. Stephen G. Sligar at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. As a team we have published several papers in high impact journals that use an array of biochemical, spectroscopic, molecular biology and physical methodologies to study membrane-bound proteins that play key role in health and disease. 

We acknowledge the funding from UIUC start up funds, Research Board, American Heart Association and our industrial collaborators. 


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