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There is so much more to being successful than graduating high school. Having a college degree has become a standard in the workforce over the last 30 years. The Baby Boomer generation was one of, if not the, last generation to be able to land high pay professional jobs off of a high school diploma. With how costs of living have gone up at a quicker speed than minimum wage, it is becoming harder to survive, if not impossible, on ones' own working full time making minimum wage.

Student loans are becoming a popular way to fund college education, but are making it harder to get a home, car, or other assets after college due to the amount of debt. In order to prevent this being your situation, we have provided, and continue to add, useful links to check out for college entry exams, top colleges or community colleges, and our subscriber based blog tutoring. If you need help on your research, or have questions, please either subscribe to our blog and ask, or contact us 1+346-800-1912 Text or Call us to find out more

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