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As a part of our tutoring service, and other educational assistant programs, we provide literatures of a large variety of types. We have everything from nonfiction books for teens, fiction books for teens, top books for gifts, and many of the best seller books. We provide top seller books, teens books, appropriate for teens, and popular children books from local authors, new authors, and established authors. We provide research services writing books for organizations, or other business writing marketing purposes. Our books are not limited to a certain crowd. Some of our books are best for teen parents to gain an understanding of the inside of the mind of a teens of modern day with the many temptations, and challenges most of us parents did not have to resist as youth. We provide school reading books, literature books, books for fun reading, and academic books. Our academic books are best for students who want to chose an interesting book for a reading course to later write a book report. Most our our books are appropriate for teens, great for kids, and appropriate for young adults a like. We do not support inappropriate topic based reading materials. Our book store, and/or library books are made to provide clean, interesting, and educational books for youth of all ages, and in some cases, adults who just love to learn while reading.

Are you a desiring author or poet? Contact us for our tutoring service to learn how to write your own literature, get published and be put on our library, or bookstore here.

Best Seller Books for All Ages- Here is one of our partners in providing and making books fun, not a chore. Click the link underlined to see a variety of books written by everyday people in the United States that could be your neighbor.

Reading does not have to be a chore, or school assignment to do. If you do not find reading interesting, or fun, you more than likely have not found your type of literature. Our owner was one as a youth to only read because she was assigned, but later decided to experiment skimming through many types of books at the local bookstores only to end up as a "nerd" with her "nose stuck in the book."

As professional educators, as well as poets, and authors, we help make reading fun. If reading is fun, and you have found the topics that draw your attention, you will have a hard time stopping. We are unique by providing services to help finding books that will draw your interest to those who believe readig is no fun. If it is not fun, you have not found your type of book of interest. It will be fun for all who are reading the right type of books.

Check out books written by Ace My Course and staff. Get a special deal if you are with a business, or other type entity. Spread the word to all your friends and family to get a free copy upon 3 people you refer buy at least one copy. Read it for free via lending on Amazon Prime, or get a paper copy. We also will add the author's autograph for a $9.99 fee per copy with it.