Fall semester, academic year 2014/15

University of Verona, Department of Economics
Master's degree in "Economics"
Academic years 2010/11 - Present (chair since 2010/11)
University of Verona, Department of Economics [location: Vicenza]
Bachelor's degree in "Economia e Commercio"
Academic years 2011/12 - Present (chair since 2014/15)
Syllabus (in Italian)

Spring semester, academic year 2014/15

“Econometrics I”
IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca
PhD programs in "Economics" and "Management Science"
Academic year 2014/15 (chair)

“Introduzione all'Econometria”
University of Padua, Department of Statistics
Bachelor's degree in "Statistica Economia e Finanza"
Academic years 2007/08, 2010/11 - Present (chair since 2010/11)
Syllabus (in Italian)

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